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flakery at fake news fakebook …

Still unable to comment or post pics on Flakebook. However what I post on here does get posted on my fakebook newsfeed. Censorship is what the left do: Raul Montoya LibertyAlliance.com Comments WARNING #Facebook #Censorship And 3 #Liberal #Biased “Fact” … Continue reading

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ultimate reality entertainment like no other …

This has to be ‘Ultimate Reality’ Entertainment, even better than what Hollywood could have made up. Not even Le Carre could write a thriller this compelling*. “The West Wing”, “Dallas” and “Big Brother” pale into comparison with today’s real life … Continue reading

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reading the “climate and environmental Rosary” …

Climate Depot Oops, Greenie Watch posts …”Greens engage in rituals to allay their anxieties” […] […]  A reasonable reading of these results is that a lot of environmentalists experience many aspects of the modern world as chaotic and thus seek … Continue reading

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Get-Up.org…promoting censorship, (facts checked here)

Yeah right!…. Censor them, says the group funded by George Soros and co, that is, “Get-Up.org”… …that refused to take Woodside on about Price’s Point, despite 5000+ signatures requesting this….Oh dear, George and Simon a bit worried about someone else having … Continue reading

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Soros now interfering in Australian politics…attacking free speech

I suspected as much as much, and now confirmed, Soros money is now being used to interfere in Australian politics. This needs fighting at every level. Leftist media censorship has begun, the precursor to a new fascism or communism, a Fabian ideal … Continue reading

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the slow motion slowdown…to busting the euro

Hasn’t this been seen coming a long long way away ago… CHANGE: It’s Official: France Cut To AA+ From AAA By S&P, Outlook Negative. Related: Everyone Hates The Euro – EUR Shorts Hit New Record High. UPDATE: More: S&P Cuts … Continue reading

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Climate Fund…benefitting the tyrants

The true colours of the UN’s Climate Fund will be the despots of tinpot dictatorships, the tyrants of the third world, and the bureaucrats of the UN. Climate Change has never been about the science, as the saying goes, ‘follow … Continue reading

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