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RIP, Fairfax News media? …

They wont be missed, as the heady days of journalism is long gone, leaving a once large media firm in such dire straits that the journalist’s strike will not make an iota of difference to anyone but themselves. Good luck … Continue reading

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internet therapy needed for TDS …

I guess Facebook helped these find friends, just some pathetic stuff I found today.on Fakebook. so many Looney losers, suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome. I have a ‘friend’ who has need of therapy. Or is he just researching very imaginative Flakebook … Continue reading

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flakery at fake news fakebook …

Still unable to comment or post pics on Flakebook. However what I post on here does get posted on my fakebook newsfeed. Censorship is what the left do: Raul Montoya LibertyAlliance.com Comments WARNING #Facebook #Censorship And 3 #Liberal #Biased “Fact” … Continue reading

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