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Last Tango in Paris …

Paris COP has nothing to do with climate change. It is about emptying your wallet, which is what the world’s oldest profession is good at, and the scaremongering Paris-ites are endeavoring to be good at by the end of this … Continue reading

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green, screaming, Paris-ites … totalitarian warmists

[…] This effectively means telling the world’s worst-off people, suffering from tuberculosis, malaria or malnutrition, that what they really need isn’t medicine, mosquito nets or micronutrients, but a solar panel. It’s no wonder the Green Screamers and Paris-ites don’t like Dr … Continue reading

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“brainwashing in schools” …

In some cases, traditional classes like biology and chemistry may disappear entirely from high schools, replaced by courses that use a case-study method to teach science in a more holistic way”. Holistic way? Dumping real science education for ‘astrolo-science’ is … Continue reading

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good news week … Professors weigh in

First, Professor Freeman Dyson, Einstein’s successor is interviewed. Conversations that matter – Earth is actually growing greener This week’s Conversation that Matters features Princeton University’s preeminent physicist Freeman Dyson who says models do a good job of helping us… Then, … Continue reading

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