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the psych-o strikes again …

Not content with failing to publish a roll of Lew-paper, he tries again from a different angle, but gets corrected at Greenie Watch by John Ray: Lewandowsky again attempting to sound authoritative

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The truth will hurt … at the next election

Gillard dodges the bottom-line question on her useless tax Andrew Bolt July 21 2012 (3:19pm)   Mark Everingham got to put our question to the Prime Minister at today’s OurSay ”hangout”.  And, sigh, check out the answer: Everingham: By how … Continue reading

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climate…’Groundhog’ day

One day they’ll get it right History keeps repeating itself, and the lamestream media have short, if any at all, memories. One day. the catastrophes are due to cooling, the next, it’s because of warming, now it’s cooling again and … Continue reading

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Absurdity of Labor/Green …and the Treasury

This is nothing short of ridiculous, and I am sure that this could be the absolute death for ever of parties connected with it. Currently the Labor party is on it’s knees. They will soon be on their backs, with … Continue reading

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