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climate’s ‘wall of reality’ blows engine … ‘winter of discontent’

Following on from examples by Australia and Canada, German media blows up over climate policy reality, citing ‘trickery’ and ‘giant failure’ of the European Climate movement. I am not surprised, as this is yet another bleak European winter. (Priest dies … Continue reading

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consensus astroscience at the CSIRO …

Doomed Planet Bob Carter Bumper week for climateers We have just seen two more reports about global warming from government agencies – and two more lost opportunities to detail a sensible climate policy More…

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media help kill off the left…by not reporting opinion of the right

Or misreporting… Recent massive election losses in Queensland and NSW, (STATES OF DECLINE) and the disastrous polls for Federal Labor have been multiplied by the efforts of the media. In particular, ABC and SBS along with the Fairfax Group. (DENSE … Continue reading

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Partisan Garnaut…and distortion of reality

Mr Garnaut, climate policy should be questioned In today’s The Australian: ‘Ross Garnaut has an unusual concept of democracy. The Prime Minister goes to the country promising “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Once in … Continue reading

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