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real climate science…

…This post explains well where climate change science goes awry. The tropics work as a heat exchanger, limiting changes to temperature. This is reflected well in temperatures in the north of Australia. Broome data is added below. A Demonstration of … Continue reading

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No hot spot, no warming, period…model fail

Models get the core assumptions wrong– – the hot spot is missing This is part of a series that Tony Cox and I are doing that references the most important points and papers, as a definitive resource about the evidence. … Continue reading

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climate science…rigged data (new book)

Sen. Inhofe: Climate change science relies on ‘rigged’ data JunkScience.com Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) denounced claims that the earth is experiencing human-induced global warming on Wednesday, accusing proponents of using “rigged” data and claiming climate science was an excuse to … Continue reading

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Greatest hoax or “junk science”…both

Climate change science is junk science (Physicist) Martin Hertzberg, Ph.D, wrote the following in response to an article by an alleged physicist who was taken in by “ad hominem” arguments : The following commentary is submitted for your consideration in … Continue reading

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Climate Skeptics win in Supreme Court…Montana

Montana Supreme Court rejects the Global Warming petition by Our Children’s Trust | Climate Physics Institute 29/01/2012 18:38 Dissent and Climate Change Reconsidered.) by Ed Berry In a precedent-making decision, the Montana Supreme Court dismissed yesterday the Petition for Original … Continue reading

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The BIG lie…

In light of the 2010 data, global carbon dioxide emissions have risen by fully a third since the year 2001, yet global temperatures have not risen during the past decade. …The U.S. Department of Energy has just published its estimates … Continue reading

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Journalists and blogging…

I personally only started blogging after seeing how poor a job of reporting most journalists do. Maybe it’s their editors? The James Price Point story is the best example. Climate Change science is another. Journalists sitting in their capital city … Continue reading

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