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nudging over a cliff …

Stirring the pot, Bob Tisdale reports a cautious change at the University of Western Australia. “Carlos Duarte, a marine biologist at the University of Western Australia in Perth, and his colleagues say that gloomy media reports about ocean issues such … Continue reading

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oceans healthier than thought … “And that also changes our views on ocean health.”

I always wondered why I never caught enough, they were hiding in ‘plain sight’: Ninety-five per cent of world’s fish hide in mesopelagic zone   Written by  Geoff Vivian most mesopelagic species tend to feed near the surface at night, … Continue reading

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oceanic plastic munchers …

Just like plastic munchers on land, including ‘extremophiles’, the ocean has some too: World’s plastic devoured by ocean organism AN abundant organism may be acting as a sink for the smallest plastic particles which make up the majority of the … Continue reading

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