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the trillion dollar scam …

A fatally flawed opinion that CO2 was pollution has fuelled the biggest ever scam in history, by a very big margin. How big? This big: Climate Change Business Journal estimates the Climate Change Industry is a $1.5 Trillion dollar escapade, … Continue reading

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significant role of nitrogen …

Added Nitrogen to the forest floor accumulates more carbon in the soils. New research looks at the use of nitrogen in forests, in this long term study: Carbon Sequestration in Forest Soils: The Role of Added Nitrogen (17 February 2015) … Continue reading

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capturing lunacy … modelled

Green lunacy continues: Researchers size up aquifer to capture carbon A PERTH-based hydro-geologist has led a team of scientists modelling carbon sequestration in the Latrobe aquifer, below Bass Strait’s ocean floor. […] An accident waiting to happen, at taxpayers expense … Continue reading

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scientists embed climate change…fact checked

Fact checked at the bottom of the article, and in [brackets.] Explore by topic Environment and Climate Species biodiversity buffer needed to accommodate climate change Species biodiversity buffer needed to accommodate climate change Written by Marion Lopez Friday, 13 January … Continue reading

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Scientific conflict of interest…

The Head of the CSIRO should not profit from green schemes Andrew Bolt No doubt she is a woman of integrity, but this is most definitely a conflict of interest – or at the very least a perception of one: … Continue reading

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