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a BIG FAT price …

[…] ‘Poverty is not going down in the world.  It is going up’.  There’s one for Matt Ridley to take apart.  Can’t recall which CEO said that.  The inaccuracies are coming thick and fast.  I can’t keep up. Then as … Continue reading

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another Labor fail on climate … from Greg Combet

I am stunned, I just received an unsolicited e-mail from Greg Combet, Climate Change Minister requesting my help. Sure … tom, I know you’re passionate about taking meaningful action against climate change. As the Labor minister responsible for delivering the … Continue reading

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ABC’s Media Watch…ideological drivel

ABC’s Media Watch have blown all credibility following their attack on Dr Jennifer Marohasy last night. Apparently no climate sceptic should be part of any group with the word ‘Environmental’ in their name. Forget the science, that doesn’t matter according … Continue reading

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#lunatic Carbon dioxide tax…to raise price of everything

The truth will out on the Australian Labor Party’s carbon scam SOURCE Censorship won’t help them. (The carbonazis will try though…) THE whitewash begins. Now that the carbon tax has passed through federal parliament, the government’s clean-up brigade is getting into … Continue reading

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Australia’s coming ‘dark age’…

Letter to the Editor 8th November 2011   Back towards the Dark Ages The passage of the carbon tax bills today is no reason for celebration. It is a step back towards the dark ages.

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