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dangerous Green fantasies …

Failing to insert cool winter burns in fire prone areas is creating the havoc we see today in summer. Quadrant presents several posts on the topic here worth taking a look at. Not Reducing fuel loads mean nobody is safe.: … Continue reading

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looking after the environment …

…Some wild friends, grazing around the Melaleucas (Paperbark trees), creating a fire break. The nearby swamps have been badly burned in the last couple of decades from late season fires, destroying many large old trees. The bushfires on less grazed … Continue reading

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Time, beclowns itself … ridden with errors

This is why I stopped buying this rag a decade or two ago: Time magazine centigrade screamer Bryan Walsh joins the Great Global Warming Blame Frenzy with a piece headlined Climate Change Affects Australia’s Epic Wildfires – No Matter What Prime … Continue reading

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black sunday(s) …

The warmies are out in force, blaming the tragic fires ongoing in the Blue Mountains on ‘global warming’. They forget there is a historical record of previous disasters, some as early as mid September. Miracles not much help in a disaster … Continue reading

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