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Labor attack dogs confirm their own protection racket …

Labor has just shown their true colours. They have gone in to war against a former High Court Judge, who is presiding over the Royal Commission into Union corruption. Judge Dyson’s Commission has already uncovered a wealth of corrupt Union … Continue reading

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mandatory contributions to slush funds …

As someone who has never belonged to a Union, and never wanted to, I am stunned to see how right I was to not trust them. It’s epidemic, in the way they shaft the members! Here are some figures that … Continue reading

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‘What did I miss’ …

I am hard at it for a few days, so take at look at these stories suggested by the IPA: From James Paterson | Thursday, 20 September 2012 This does not make happy┬áreading for Americans – the US has now … Continue reading

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a journalist believes…”the trivial, the dubious, or the flatly untrue”

ANDREW FERGUSON: The Chump Effect: Reporters are credulous, studies show. Lots of cultural writing these days, in books and magazines and newspapers, relies on the so-called Chump Effect. The Effect is defined by its discoverer, me, as the eagerness of … Continue reading

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