back to the beach … again

Cable Beach, Broome is a great place to live, beaches on 3 sides, including Cable Beach, often in the top 10 of beaches worldwide.

Here is a short video which gives a show of the dimension at low tide.

These shots below show more of it.

home-cable-beach-011 001 011 dsc01001 dsc01018dsc00232dsc00234

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VIDEO Weiner files connect Clinton Crime Syndicate to espionage, Epstein and Lolita Express! — Reclaim Our Republic

Investigator: Weiner computer files connect Clinton gang to espionage, Epstein and Lolita Express! “There’s much more to this than is being toldto the media right now.” 11/2/16 – The epic bombshells keep bursting in the final days leading up to the election. Respected investigator, Doug Hagmann, on the Alex Jones Show today revealed what his inside […]

via VIDEO Weiner files connect Clinton Crime Syndicate to espionage, Epstein and Lolita Express! — Reclaim Our Republic

One bombshell after another!

Update, from Joanne Nova, Clinton’s corruption outlined.

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beach creature …

How would you like a tickle sunbathing on Cable Beach?

The beach sometimes turns up amazing critters. These images were of a ‘worm’ with a million legs, about finger thick, a couple of feet long and live under the sand. The first pictured here at first looked like a sea snake until up close, the legs were seen. Soon after I saw another one grab a shell like a python and drag it under the stand.

I hope they don’t get any bigger! This snail below just escaped.

2016-11-01-17-39-59 2016-11-01-17-45-38Strangest thing. Click to enlarge.


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Fact checking the Dakota access pipeline — Utopia – you are standing in it!

via Fact checking the Dakota access pipeline — Utopia – you are standing in it!

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the desert shows …

Some Great Sandy Desert species. My wish is for any private garden here to look as good as some desert ecologic plant communities. Click to enlarge.

brunonia-sp dsc00669 hibiscus-sp newcastelia-spodiotrichyatephrosea-sp grevillea-refracta3 mclarty-202

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flowering Kimberley …

Some randomly selected images of Kimberley flowers, some of which are growing in the nursery and on many garden landscapes in Kimberley towns. Click to enlarge …

gossypium-rotundifolium hypoestres-florabunda trees-shrubs-083 trees-shrubs-090 trees-shrubs-100 trees-shrubs-123 trees-shrubs-126



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plant’s reproduction triggers …

Research on plant triggers that cause budding, flowering and fruiting is not all well understand. Here is a post that may show some light on a plant’s ability to bud at a certain part of the season, flower, even on the same day as all it’s relatives, regardless of it’s local ecology, and fruit or seeds ripening at the right time of year for optimum distribution.

My response was concerning local species of wattle that flower on the same day everywhere.

[…]The new findings are the culmination of twelve years of research involving scientists from Germany, Argentina and the US, as well as the Cambridge team. The work was done in a model system, a mustard plant called Arabidopsis, but Wigge says the phytochrome genes necessary for temperature sensing are found in crop plants as well.

“Recent advances in plant genetics now mean that scientists are able to rapidly identify the genes controlling these processes in crop plants, and even alter their activity using precise molecular ‘scalpels’,” adds Wigge. […]


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Wyndham country, NE Kimberley …

Wyndham is an old town by Kimberley standards situated at the bottom of the Cambridge Gulf, where five rivers meet the sea, including the Ord River. A port for mineral exports and live cattle shipments to Indonesia, and occasionally produce from the Ord Irrigation scheme, now under further development by Chinese interests.

A few pics from a field trip to the Berkeley River, a hundred kms to the NWest. Click for full image.

berkeley5d-047 berkeley5d-048 berkeley5d-049 berkeley5d-050 berkeley5d-051 berkeley5d-052 berkeley5d-054 berkeley5d-056 berkeley4-003 berkeley4-005 berkeley4-007 berkeley-291 berkeley-292 berkeley-293Update, from Facebook, the Five Rivers lookout:

Not a bad spot to cook dinner at all, @80kphkombilife 👌🏼These guys sure know what living is all about. The panoramic views from the Five Rivers Lookout in Wyndham is a spectacular sunset spot and vantage point to experience the vast and rugged country that surrounds the oldest town in the Kimberley. ☀️
Photo: @80kmphkombilife. (IG)

Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor and nature
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north east Kimberley environment …

Some images of the varied ecology surrounding the excellent Berkeley River Lodge in the NE Kimberley. Some that I haven’t posted before. Click to enlarge:

berkeley4-022 berkeley4-023 berkeley4-135 berkeley4-196 berkeley4-199berkeley4-001 berkeley4-058 berkeley4-237dsc00048 dsc00051 dsc00211 berkeley4-075berkeley5d-014

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activism rejects science …

Greenpeace Activism, the last refuge of scoundrels. Here is the latest waffle and a petition, along with the gullible congregation that pray at the Green altar of hypocrisy, commenting on social media.

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