wilderness less …

Oh no, the ABC’s catastropharian agenda is out there, again. The research is  from the University of Queensland.

[…] Dr Watson said that the total area of wilderness was decreasing despite efforts to increase protected areas, partly because of a focus on preventing species from going extinct while ignoring the value of wilderness.

He pointed to wilderness areas such as the savannas of Northern Australia and the Great Western Woodland in Western Australia, which were both largely intact but “slowly eroding”.

“Those areas should be recognised as valuable in their own right — not just for the threatened species that live in it,” Dr Watson said. “They are both important.”

He said wilderness protection should include creating conservation corridors between large protected areas, and enabling Indigenous communities to be involved in conservation.

“All nations need to start conserving their wilderness areas, and we’ve got to have a global agreement that these things are declining rapidly,” he said.

We need to recognise that if we don’t act now we’ll run out of time.”

Whether that amount of land damaged is correct or not, if rehabilitation practices were carried out by land users by the same method, it would be a big improvement. But as always, “if we don’t act now we’ll run out of time.” Where have I heard that before?

Overall, not too badly written, but it does confirm my own agenda of planting, Savannah Enrichment, is the right one. The trees are planted to provide some monetary sustenance to indigenous custodians, along with companion species that aid pollination and pest control.

Much of ‘the Wilderness’ has been cleared for the use of Palm Oil, which really was another original Green blunder, bio-fuels. Another of the biggest wastage of wilderness, is the amount of land already cleared and needed for a carbon free energy system. I prefer a high CO2 enrichment system.

The funds wasted in ‘Taxing Air” have enabled a corrupt system, taking huge sums of money away from ‘looking after the environment’.

2016-08-01 16.45.25

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the deplorables …

Self-projection rears it’s ugly progressive ‘deplorable’ head. Hillary Clinton is best at it.

The Deplorable Basket Case

Here are the Trump Deplorables, poking Hillary in the eye:


Last night, Hillary Clinton identified 50 million Americans as deplorable.


She wants to take their guns away.

The Trump Deplorables far outnumber the Shillarys at campaign events. I’m with the deplorables!

Instapundit adds:

ED MORRISSEY ON HILLARY’S “BASKET OF DEPLORABLES” GAFFE: Nothing says woman of the people like a political candidate who got filthy rich while serving in the Senate and State Department insulting millions of voters while surrounded by celebrities, right? “This sneering, condescending, and insulting stereotyping of millions of voters perfectly encapsulates the Clintonian quarter-century, especially with their above-the-law antics since leaving the White House. And that’s why most candidates stick to insulting each other, and not voters.”

PEOPLE ARE FOCUSING ON THE “BASKET OF DEPLORABLES” LINE — which is an awful line because it’s simultaneously memorable without being evocative — but the worst part of Hillary’s speech was where she called opponents “irredeemable” and “not America.” That’s pretty much eliminationist rhetoric, right there.

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renewable energy devastates the wildlife …

The wind industry is destroying our environment, thousands of bats at a time. The best defence against crop eating insects are threatened by wind turbines around the world, says this latest research. It’s getting worse:

Bats are known to be some of the world’s savviest aerial acrobats. Using their mysterious sonar system and shape-shifting wings, bats adeptly swerve and swoop and dive in flight to avoid collisions with both stable and moving objects.

And yet bats stand no chance against a 200-meter high wind turbine with blades the length of a football field, spinning at speeds up to 275 km per hour. Even if their tiny bodies can avoid a blunt-force collision with one of these merciless steel beasts, just the act of drawing near to a wind turbine may nonetheless expose bats to jarring air pressure changes that cause fatal lung damage (barotrauma).  The latter is the main reason why bat carcasses can be found scattered beneath wind turbines at locations across the world. […]


(Via Greenie Watch)

Birds, as well as bats are an essential part of farming practices, for insect control as well as pollination of trees, and now the rush to renewable energy is destroying our future! At least the total bird kill from Ivanpah Solar Plant is a bit lower than last year!

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brewers love more CO2 …

Barley grain is used as the predominant ingredient in beer and other alcoholic beverages. Increased atmospheric CO2 gives a massive boost to the biomass and the grain, according to research covered at co2science. Even more impressive was the grain yield with one third less moisture available. Check out the results, here.

Plant Growth Database (6 September 2016)
Our latest posting of plant growth responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment obtained from experiments described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is for well-watered and fertilized barley plants (Schmid et al., 2016). To access the entire database, click here.

This year across Australia, grain yield is about to hit record high tonnages, the opposite of what those campaigning against fossil fuels predict.

Of course many other species have fared very well with more CO2 and less moisture. Genomics can improve things further: How Genomics Can Help Feed Earth’s Growing Human Population (30 August 2016)
Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there are also more ways of ensuring that the increasing population of our planetary home will have enough food to eat throughout the eons to […]

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corruption, and the Clinton/Australia connection …

A little bit here, a little bit there, and before long they are bigger bits then wham, it’s a whole lot of cash stolen from funds meant for HIV/AIDS victims in the third world.

New documents that reveal Bill Clinton’s backdated contracts and multimillion $$$$ frauds in the name of HIV/Aids

The Clintons  thought they were above suspicion. Instead, Papua-New Guineans lost out big nearly a decade ago, and little has changed, other than the legal entities bribing their way through donors and the State Department. It’s a long post by Michael Smith, and warrants a close look. Scroll down at Smith’s blog, there are pages of documents and videos explaining the fraud in detail. The watch this video:

Charles Ortel’s put over a year of his life into investigating the Clinton Foundation. WHY?

The shocks will keep coming as the investigation proceeds. Then there’s Wikileaks! Thousands more pages of emails to come. whistle blower with a lot to say. Australian donors ought to worry where their big cash offers went.

Update, a bigger worry:

DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A CLINTON: “A criminal organization masquerading as a political party, as the saying goes, Bubba Division. How would you like to make $18 million for a do-nothing job?”, Michael Walsh asks.

I’d rather it stay a do-nothing job, but if the Clintons win, next year, a lot of corporations who paid Bubba his millions will start wanting a return on their investments – and they’ll get it, just as Obama doled out hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds to such enviro-boondoggle sinkholes as Solyndra, Fisker, Nevada Geothermal, A123, etc.

(Classical reference in headline.)

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tourists find more dinosaur footprints at Cable Beach …

Dinosaur footprints can be seen at most beaches around Broome and north to Cape Leveque whenever strong winds and tides move the sand around, exposing the Broome Sandstone. I have found some myself close to the Port, and now a tourist has just found more from a predatory dinosaur on Cable Beach, close to tourism facilities. ABC reports:

Bind Lee Porth places her hand in the dinosaur tracks she discovered.

Bindi Lee Porth places her hand in the dinosaur tracks she discovered.

ABC Kimberley: Sophia O’Rourke

Footprints of a Tyrannosaurus-type dinosaur have been found by a woman collecting shells on the most popular part of one of Australia’s best-loved beaches.

Bindi Lee Porth was collecting shells on Broome’s Cable Beach on Sunday, while hundreds of tourists watched the sun setting into the Indian Ocean, when she made the incredible discovery.

“I went to put my foot down, and the best way that I could describe it is that I felt a very strong energy,” Ms Porth told ABC Local Radio.

“When I’d taken my foot slightly off, I could see a bit of a hole, and I thought, ‘This is a bit weird.’

“So I just sort off brushed all the sand away and it’s revealed this beautiful, like a bird, foot.”

Could not believe they were real

The Broome coastline is renowned for 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprints stretching from Roebuck Bay in the south and over 150 kilometres north along the Dampier Peninsula. […]


Read the rest at the link including comments from researcher Dr Steve Salisbury, who has spent considerable time documenting and describing all the species of footprints found here. Below, in Roebuck Bay:port 022DSC02536Above, just a hundred metres from the Broome Port.

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brumby madness by bureaucrats …

Australia’s brumbies across the nation are under threat from bureaucrats, who see them as a threat to their favored environmental lobby groups. The proposal is to remove, one way or another the environmental improvers of the environment. Insane, not dealing with the real destructors, wild pigs, dogs and cats.

Ecologist, Craig Downer says the idea of removing 6,000 horses, either to slaughter or shot on sight, was madness.

464 signatures are still needed!
Craig Downer just signed this petition on Change.org.

Craig Downer

29 August at 09:27 ·



Regarding certain plans I have received from government and private parties concerning the future of the brumbies:
While I appreciate this group’s concern for

See more

Thanks for your work, Craig Downer, the stupidity burns. Here is the result of another cull. What they are like in a woodland? Keep the grass down, and seeds spread! Like this:

DSC00570 2016-03-20 11.04.16 2016-03-20 10.59.35Inquisitive, alert, and friendly, but still wild. The brolgas don’t mind them:


A grassy plain with sand dunes in the distance.

This horse was shot by helicopter marksman soon after this was taken.



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fixing agendas …

BoM’s practices of data adjusting to suit an agenda, are seriously unraveled by Dr Jennifer Marohasy in an Online Opinion article today. Pointing out some rather large alterations to a rural site that hasn’t had any changes in 100 years or so can cause major problems when the science of bushfires and climate change are studied.

How hot was it at Rutherglen on Black Friday? Black Friday was that tragic day – 13 January 1939 – when a firestorm swept across Victoria destroying whole towns.

Just to the north, at Rutherglen, did maximum temperatures reach 47.6 °C on that fateful day – or only 42.2 °C? Experts will explain that when considering the likely impact of future bushfires, it is important to consider the historical temperature record – but which record? The Australian Bureau of Meteorology keeps two records: there is the official ACORN-SAT record used to report on climate change each year and easily accessible at their website through an interactive map; and then there are the raw values in a back cupboard – metaphorically speaking. […]

Dr Marohasy has found a number of ridiculous assumptions for BoM adjusting carefully measured temperature data. Read it all.

Now, another Government Department in West Australia, the Water Corporation is having similar data problems with rainfall and dam data, in work being done by Warwick Hughes. It appears recording rainfall and encouraging water run-off into dams has all become too difficult. Lets hope this can be straightened out with Warrick Hughes’  diligent auditing Read all the comments of explanations into the mess here.

[…] They must release all their daily rain data so various sources can be compared. On 2nd August I posted – Perth dams rain data is in need of an audit. On 2nd May I posted – West Australian Govt Water Corporation fails to record March 2016 rain at several dams.

Their instruments are away for repairs? For months? Imminent rain:rainAnother science furphy was the demise, so called, of 95 % of the Great Barrier Reef. They stuffed that one up, too:

Great Barrier Reef only 5% bleached, Cairns Post

Keep reading  →

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bush bash …

Venturing into bushland north of Broome is a joy, as the colours, textures and flora parade through the tropical woodland. A selection of images here, click to enlarge …

Drosera indica

Drosera indica


Eucalyptus miniata woodland


Australian Bustard

Acacia hippuroides

Acacia hippuroides

Calytrix exstipulata

Calytrix exstipulata

DSC02894 2016-07-15 11.14.48

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energy propaganda loses … and losers

A completely false, one sided-column from Australia’s socialist Capital’s propaganda outlet, The Canberra Times:

“For 30 years there has been a renewable energy funding agency in one form or another in Australia. “This has led to phenomenal success in generation of technology and education. “The worldwide silicon solar cell industry owes its existence in large measure to Australians who were supported by grants from government renewable energy agencies.  “Billions of dollars of benefits have accrued to Australia.”

The reality is, billions of dollars of taxpayer funds have been paid out for their dubious efforts at controlling a non-existent ‘global warming’ by stopping the production of cheap electricity.

Get rid of that funding now! There has not been one iota of benefit to Australia due to the money spent wasted on renewable energy.

Their “Mad, Bad, Green Disease” is killing us all:

AUSTRALIA has developed a death wish. Why this green mania to make us poor?

On Wednesday, Victorian Premier Daniel ­Andrews announced he would permanently ban fracking for coal-seam gas.

Even conventional gas drilling — done safely here for half a century — would be banned to at least 2020.

Andrews could point to not a scrap of credible science to back these bans.

He cited only the fear spread by green alarmists: “This is the first ban of its kind anywhere in our nation and it just speaks volumes to the dangers, the uncertainty and the anxiety within the Victorian community about fracking.”

This is not the first time a state has banned a safe technology at a big cost to jobs and wealth.

(Read full article here.)

Then there’s the one and only Tim Flannery, a climate quack, costing Australia billions of dollars on useless desalination plants. Then another 90 million dollars of taxpayer dollars on his own failed investment.

Column – Flannery cooked on hot rocks


ANOTHER green dream has turned into a nightmare — at least for investors still dumb enough to believe Tim Flannery.

Energy company Geodynamics has now closed its geothermal power project in South Australia’s far north. This green technology involved drilling several kilometres down to hot rocks, which would then superheat water and drive generators.

“The technology worked,” insisted Geodynamics boss Chris Murray. But the huge cost of the technology and of bringing the power to distant cities “was just greater than the revenue stream”.

No kidding.

Yet who spruiked this project — while almost never revealing he was a shareholder? Yes, indeed, Tim Flannery, the mammal expert who became a professional warming alarmist and, thanks to the Gillard government, our chief Climate Commissioner.

(Read full article here.)

Perth is still not dead, Tim. Not a top scientist at all!

Update, Alan Carlin writes about the Democrat Party losing touch:


So a Major Political Party Has Apparently Lost Touch with Reality

Yet one of the two largest US political parties advocates that the US Government intervene in the energy markets to do the impossible and bring great economic hardship to less wealthy US households. Could it be that they have lost all touch with the reality of wind and solar generation and do not care what happens to the less wealthy members of society in their blind desire to reach an abstract goal of energy purity of no real significance?


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