Dampier Peninsula, a Kimberley experience …

At 200 km from north to south, the Dampier Peninsula has many attractions that can be seen where nature has a hold. Broome sits at the southern tip. Selected at random, click to zoom.

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vacation in Broome …

The Broome area contains so many water sites, from beaches, reefs, ephemeral lakes and swamps to dense woodlands and forests. These pics are several years old, but the same qualities for locals and visitors to keep occupied during leisure time. Fantastic weather for much of the year is an added attraction.

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Remote snaps at the Berkeley River … part 2

..Part 2 of Berkeley River area where a large Kimberley River reaches the Ocean, sand dunes and beaches with rocky outcrops to the NWest and sandstone cliffs to the SEast, covered by rocky islands and mangrove swamps.

Click to zoom.

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the renewable energy collapse …

This is an important look at the collapse and failure of Eastern Australia to maintain a secure power grid electricity supply, copied in full here:

Australia: A Dead Man Warns of a Dying Grid

Not long before his sudden and premature death, Australian Energy Market Operator chief Matt Zema spoke candidly at a private conference of power-industry executives. The enormous subsidies heaped on renewables, he said, mean one thing and only one thing: “The system must collapse”

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holiday snaps from the remote Berkeley River …

A few years ago, I was helping to landscape the new Berkeley River Lodge, part of the experience was to be surrounded by Kimberley wilderness. NW Kimberley, on the West side of Cambridge Gulf is Sandstone pavement country, separated by rivers, creeks and gorges, riverine, and giant sand dunes alongside swamps, freshwater to mangroves, and dense woodland to sparse mountain top.

After half a dozen trips, I yearn to return and explore some more. I can even be a guide 🙂

Click to zoom.

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falling sea levels …

Cannot find any rising sea levels in Western Australia. The big tide in 2011 looks to be a 20 year high. So, the nonsense from the Climate Council is just propaganda as usual, including this useless information from CSIRO. Can’t handle their bots? Perhaps The University of Queensland should call this Sea Level Fall Partnership.




Port Hedland



Plot of monthly mean sea level data at GERALDTON.

..Cocos Islands

Plot of monthly mean sea level data at COCOS ISLAND (HOME IS.).


Tide Gauge Data

Plot of monthly mean sea level data at ALBANY.

Well, that’s Australia’s West coast sea levels. Nothing to worry about. Even Fremantle, where the Perth coastal plain is sinking under the pressure of depleting aquifers, is not rising further:


Plot of monthly mean sea level data at FREMANTLE.

The last big tide was in 2011 in Broome, the biggest since 2000 and the late 80s. Nothing new to Broome locals.

Broome Airport has little to worry about since 2011. Nor does the BoM compound next to the helicopter hangars.Way back when Iron Horse was the film of the week in Broome, tides were very high too:

High tide, 1924 I believe.

Image may contain: house and outdoor

Lost Broome

Who else remembers walking out of the pictures only to get wet feet. Image courtesy of Sun Pictures. #lostBroomeWA#lostbroome

Sun Pictures, today

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Green Blob loves North Korea …

Green Blobs at Ecowatch want a return to North Korea-like conditions of poverty and starvation for us:

“Humanity has reached a tipping point. How our leaders decide to act now and in the next decade will drastically determine what direction our future takes.”

Named the Anthropocene equation, the formula was created by …

Their readers are sheep!

Jackie Brooks
Jackie BrooksI live in the United States – with Trump in charge the future looks very bleak.
Andreas Jaschek
Andreas JaschekThe Limits to Growth…well known book
Lucie Ravary
Lucie RavaryHopefully not
Sandie Abel
Sandie AbelI’m thankful I never had children.
Angie Bond
Angie BondWe’re F***ed then!
Abraham Wise
Abraham WiseAll you have to do is look around to see
Henri Hemmerechts
Henri Hemmerechtswe do not have a decade

Heh. Sandie has the best idea, breed them out.

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random Broome …

Some random pics around Broome, showing the colours of the surrounding environment, ocean and town. Turquoise ocean, pindan red sand, quirky steel and corrugated iron buildings, finished with fantastic weather and massive tides encourage an explosion of the towns population in the next couple of weeks for 6 months of r’n’r during Broome’s winter season.

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open spaces …

The NorthWest of Australia is renowned for it’s open spaces. Here are some of them:

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lower tides, sea level, caused recent coral bleaching …

Falling sea levels, not warming, is the cause of most bleaching of coral events in 2016.

This post by Jim Steele shows how corals are affected by El Nino events when the trade winds slacken that bring weather to the north Queensland region and Barrier Reef.

Makes sense. WUWT reports:

Guest essay by Jim Steele

Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism


[…] Indeed the Great Barrier Reef had also experienced falling sea levels similar to those experienced by Indonesian reefs. Visitors to Lizard Island had reported more extreme low tides and more exposed reefs as revealed in the photograph above, which is consistent with the extremely high mortality in the Lizard Island region during the 2016 El Niño. Of course reefs are often exposed to the air at low tide, but manage to survive if the exposure is short or during the night. However as seen in tide gauge data from Cairns just south of Lizard Island, since 2010 the average low tide had dropped by ~10 to 15 cm.

That’s how I saw things here in Broome 15 years ago. The Gulf of Carpentaria’s dead mangroves may have been another ‘low tide event’. From a comment by Professor Ridd:

you may be interested that there was a mass mortality of mangroves in the Gulf of Carpentaria last year also caused in part by a temporary drop in sea level associated with El Nino. It was a huge event. see link below or I can send you the original paper.
I should add that I have looked at many of the videos of the bleaching taken from aircraft and it is difficult to see how the figures that Hughes presents are credible. In addition a parallel survey of GBR bleaching done by tourist operators indicated far lower levels than reported by Hughes team.
It looks like another example of results we cannot trust.
Peter Ridd
James Cook University

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