excluded diversity …

The downgrading of our Education system continues, with weak-minded, flakey, easily offended children at our Universities looking for ‘Safe Spaces’. Rita slays them, in the Snowflake’s Revolution:

The only diversity not celebrated at university …

Once upon a time, universities were centres of excellence, achievement and critical thinking. It’s where the best and brightest would expand their minds and engage in robust debates, exploring ideas ranging from the conventional to the contentious. Those days are long gone.

Rita Panahi is going from strength to strength, now a regular on most Sky News programs!

Things only look like becoming worse, I’m afraid. Mine was the Flower Power Generation, but thank goodness they were a minority of students. Most were ‘hippies-in-the-wild’, Woodstock wannabes. After that came the Orange Rajneeshees of the ’70s.

Snowflakes indeed.

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a random view …

A few selected images around Broome, ones the visitors don’t normally get to see. The tourist ‘season’ is over for the year, except those who enjoy a tropical summer. A good place to visit at any time of the year.

2016-09-27-17-24-49-hdr dsc02967 wp_001475home-cable-beach-043 home-cable-beach-007 home-cable-beach-019 home-cable-beach-037home-cable-beach-039 018 dampier-creek-026 b waterbank-013

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the tallest corals …

So little is known about tropical Kimberley corals and coral reefs. With thousands of islands in the Buccaneer Archipelago, many offshore reefs such as Ashmore Reef, Seringapatam, Albert and many more. Now the Kimberley is found to have the ‘tallest reefs in the world!

Worth a look.

afThe big tides are also discussed here, up to 11 metres where those tall corals are found.

More of sciencewa:

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Dampierland, a peninsula worth a visit …

More photographs from my long weekend trip up the Dampier Peninsula, where red dirt and corrugations prevail, dense woodland and pretty flowers.

The towns of Beagle Bay, Lombadina/Djarindjin and One Arm Point are all near the Northern bits of the Peninsula. Many other small communities exist, along with the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, where accommodation was superb. Click to enlarge:

Beagle Bay Church

Beagle Bay Church


Acacia neurocarpa


Verticordia verticillata


The Northern half of the road is sealed.

13 more images:

Continue reading

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coral reefs, the regulating organism …

Ecologist Dr Jim Steele writes yet another superb article on the connections between coral, algae, CO2 and pH. Makes complete sense.

[…] Overall observations of the effects of photosynthesis and calcification reveal coral reefs are not victims of a fall of pH from 8.2 to 8.1 pH as suggested by Caldeira and Wickett 2005, Doney 2009 or Hoegh-Guldberg (2014). On the contrary as Gaia theory would suggest, coral reefs are actively regulating surface pH.


Jim Steele is author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism

Even James Lovelock has renounced the Green religion.  James was an original warmist, along with Al Gore.

Must remember, very low tides exposing coral reef around Broome beaches in 2 weeks! Looking forward to it.

Check this award winning photographic book by Charles E Rawlings on “Living Molluscs”.

bb e m be

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Clinton and Co’s political Mafia …

Wow, the Democrats are worse than the Mafia. You will have to go and look for yourself at the link, there are already too many bodies.

Maybe now the FBI will take a better look! Of course, everybody has some dirt on everyone else. Who will crack first?

He tweeted this out less than an hour ago…..

That’s called theft, pure and simple. Stealing from the Treasury and gifting your political campaigns!

f95f7-6a0177444b0c2e970d01b7c895c1bd970b-piBirds of a feather. Michael Smith, a former Detective is onto it, check both the last two links.

Thank you Guccifer, and I never thought I would say, thank you Julian Assange, political corruption must stop.

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Cygnet Bay, hidden vacation gem …

My first visit to the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm was a most enjoyable affair, playing the tourist with family at this beautiful Bay about 200km north of Broome. A number of boating tours are offered each day during the season. Click to enlarge:

dsc03171 dsc03177 dsc03178 dsc03179dsc03131 dsc03133 dsc03142 dsc03154 dsc03155 dsc03156 dsc03157 dsc03158A great place to stay, a working pearl farm and hatchery, a superb restaurant/bistro, and even a local band from a neighbouring community called One Arm Point. Glamping, a great way to vacation: Continue reading

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the pearl in the West Kimberley …

For a few days I was ‘off-grid’, enjoying a brief holiday with family in one of the West Kimberley’s hidden gems, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. These pics reflect the work that goes into farming Pearl Oysters by tricking them into producing fabulous South Sea Pearls. cygnet-bay-102 cygnet-bay-103 cygnet-bay-104 cygnet-bay-105 cygnet-bay-106 cygnet-bay-107 cygnet-bay-108That’s Terry Hunter and myself, pleased with the discovery of a beautiful cultured pearl, later valued at $A2006. The shells were once used for making buttons in the pre-plastic era.

Valuing a Cygnet Bay Pearl

Valuing a Cygnet Bay Pearl

dsc03167Some of the harvest, beautifully set, click twice for a close look:

dsc03164 dsc03165 dsc03169 dsc03170A million dollar bowl of pearls from a Broome company:


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big bites …

A visit to the crocodile park for the school holidays, my visiting family and I enjoyed an afternoon of watching animal (and bird) behaviours. Enjoy, and click to enlarge. First a daring egret.

dsc03105 dsc03108 dsc03109 dsc03107Look to the left, look to the right, look ahead, then go for it! Stole from the left-overs in the food pen:dsc03079 dsc03081 dsc03082Escaped into the bright sunlight. Next, the Night Heron snatches, then heads for the trees.

dsc03093 dsc03094 dsc03095 dsc03103The big bite to be avoided, and the warmer weather encourages an urge to eat: dsc03089 dsc03074 dsc03075Lining up for the dinner gong:

dsc03072 dsc03073

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5000 times a load of rubbish …

Three decades ago, this was required reading. Gradually, the unhinged have taken over, and now, there is no reason at all to want to read Newsweak (sic) ever again:

Really, 5000 times faster? Co2science has news for them. Additional atmospheric CO2 is brilliant in increasing crop yields with less moisture!

Professor Freeman Dyson tells us why we needn’t worry:


Dr Moore agrees, CO2 is a wonderful molecule: Greenpeace co-founder – Carbon dioxide is a hero, not a villain – Video (Ice Age Now)


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