misinformation at Japan’s Fukushima …

The misinformation about nuclear disasters is another of those activist agendas we commonly see today. This article was from a researcher that wanted to know the truth, personally. Read her story about Fukushima:

[…] I never saw the actual results of misinformation until I moved to Fukushima. Now, I see them everywhere.

There is not one all-encompassing example, but we can start by talking about rumors and stigma. A particular problem here has been misinformation about radiation levels and the health implications of such levels; I have heard from many residents about the ways their lives have been affected because of the incorrect information held by others. When trying to evacuate, some were turned away from the homes of their families because radiation was misunderstood as contagious. I am told about the parents of young men, opposing their choice to marry a woman from Fukushima because it is assumed that she will not be able to bear healthy children. Some children themselves believe they will never be able to have healthy offspring in the future, because of what they have heard. There are unending examples.

The Green activist crowd have done nothing but push the gloom and doom meme, hopefully, this will shine some light on their darkness. Claire Leppold at, surprisingly, The Huffington Post:

What prompts someone to move halfway across the world, to work in a hospital near Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant? I can tell you.

It was first, because I didn’t know enough, and secondly, because I wanted to know more.

On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by an earthquake and tsunami, which triggered a nuclear accident. Four years later and 9,000 kilometers away, it was February 2015, I was a master’s student at the University of Edinburgh, and a guest lecture was about to begin by Japanese researchers on their work in Fukushima.

I knew there had been a nuclear accident in Fukushima. I assumed this had led to dangerous radiation levels and increases in cancers. I had never entertained the thought of visiting.

What happens next could be described as a clash between what I thought I knew and reality […]

Read the rest of the piece at the link provided.

(Greenie Watch)

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not just BoM, CSIRO, NASA, NOAA, CRU, … “what we do is like magic”

Data manipulation destroys (USGS) science:

The fallout from this, Brexit and any further disruption of the EU and/or UN will prove to be the destroyers of the global warming agenda once and for all. The current state of solar and CO2 science shows that warming caused by CO2 has not happened, and unlikely to ever happen.

The whole agenda has been driven by pocket lining, grubby political lefties and their enablers at government and media agencies. They have taken us all for incompetent fools, but we now know that it’s been purely self-projection. Ed Davey is one of them:

Some more: Climate Activists Admit They’ve Been Working with NY AG on Climate RICO Campaign for Over a Year

That’s right, manipulation of the science, the courts, the politics. It’s what they do and it’s time to shove them all under Obama’s and Cameron’s bus, and drive them off into the sunset or wherever else they cannot be heard from.

Not long ago the problem was 100% the opposite: 1983 : Cold Facts Suggest A Chilling Trend

Then the fiddling by environmental lobbyist activists has unraveled the blonde:


The unbearable lightness of polar bear ‘climate science’

From the “Emily Litella” department (never mind) and Zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford, comes yet another hilarious take-down of attempts to link polar bears and climate change last month. Turns out it’s just a blonde. Paging Andrew Derocher! Cleanup on aisle 5! Dr. Crockford writes: All the hubris last month about polar bear x grizzly hybrids,…

Update, More on the fraud at WUWT.

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wet silly …

An unbelievable video compilation at Hotair.com, shows how bad the media have become. Here, they are shown wetting themselves silly.

Unbelievable! Now with Brexit, these same Democrats and their media enablers must be terrified of Trump by now, just like they are terrified of guns, except for their own or their ‘bodyguard(s)’.

Here they are:

Democratic Congresswoman Lists Terrorist As Gun Violence Victim During Sit-In Floor Speech

Politics | Kerry Picket
Democrats Sitting On The House Floor, Screen Grab MSNBC, 6-22-2016

‘That’s disturbing

Guns for them, but not for you… Heatst: Congressional Democrats ended their 25-hour sit-in on the House floor this afternoon, failing to force a vote on two pieces of gun legislation. The controversial sit-in included 26 Democratic lawmakers who own guns…
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leaving this …

Still counting

Lord’s Prayer – 66 words

10 Commandments – 179 words

Gettysburg address – 286 words

EU regulations on the sale of cabbage – 26,911 words

by(Professor) Judith Sloan

Catallaxy Files other writers, Steve Kates and Professor Sinclair Davidson also supported the Brexit case. Andrew Bolt too, says:

Brendan O’Neill says it best about Brexit:

The people — ordinary, everyday, working people — are giving the establishment the absolute shits. Democracy is glorious. It’s mankind’s greatest idea.

The real story is how Jeremy Corbyn has lost North-East England to make the decision certain, losing 20% or more Labor voters to the leave campaign. Now we all know why that is!

The EU ‘pig troughers’ will be mortified.

(h/t, stopthesethings)

Update, an East European based Physicist and author:

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Brexited EU…

Brexits are all the rage. Now it’s time for Brexited EU, the people have spoken.

Now for a look at the next target, BrexitUN.

Nigel Farage is ecstatic, and the losers are showing their wrath. The scares didn’t work and lots of people got it wrong who should have known better, hey, Mr Cameron!

The media as always, blew it!

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lukewarming? …

Warming of the atmosphere the past half century has contributed immensely to civilizations well being. Topped with the large increases in atmospheric CO2, the benefits in cropping and food supplies is immeasurable.

The story setting out how the theory goes, begins here:

It’s more like global LUKEwarming

Turning to the investigation of climate change: What do we know about climate?  Climate has always changed, is changing, and will always change. There were times when the earth was much colder or warmer than it is now, and during both those circumstances CO2 levels were at times higher or lower than now. Solar cycles, volcanic activity, greenhouse gasses, ocean currents, and macro weather patterns such as El Nino/La Nina all have an effect on climate. Our understanding of climate most evidently suggests there is much we don’t understand about climate.  It would therefore stand to reason that any investigation of the human influence on climate should begin with a broadly exploratory study of climate and the factors influencing climate.

Continue reading

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more wet stuff … flanneries

Billions of dollars of wet flanneries have covered most of Australia in the last few weeks, giving rise to the possibility once again for record crops.

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean have been sending moisture across the country, flooding much of it with record and near record rainfalls for June.

Tim Flannery must be appalled.

‪#‎mk‬ 2.
It’s been pissing down lately, lol.

Monthly rainfall totals for Australia

Zoom to Victoria Zoom to New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory Zoom to Queensland Zoom to Northern Territory Zoom to South Australia Zoom to Western Australia Zoom to Tasmania

It’s still raining across the middle from the Northwest.

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destructive green energy …

[…] Bats eat insects, saving farmers billions of dollars in pest control each year, but they generally do not get much attention. No one was even looking for bats under turbines until 2003, according to wildlife biologist Ed Arnett, currently a senior scientist at the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. But on routine checks for dead hawks and eagles under West Virginia turbines that summer, surveyors found an estimated 2,000 dead bats. The discovery prompted creation of the Bat and Wind Energy Cooperative – a consortium of federal agencies, the wind energy association and Bat Conservation International. The consortium hired Arnett in 2004 to conduct the first major studies of why turbines kill bats and to find solutions…

Read it all, it’s at The Scientific American.

[…] The situation right now puts Hein and other conservationists in a difficult position. “We see the impact of climate change on bats, and so we’re in favor of renewable energy,” Hein says. “It’s unfortunate that one of those—wind energy—has this negative impact.” He is frustrated that industry has not acted more quickly on existing studies but acknowledges “it’s hard to get an industry to move on anything very rapidly.” In the meantime he and the consortium will keep searching for the ultimate environmental sweet spot.

Yes, that would be melting the turbines down to their original chemical compounds!wind chopping up money(H/t Greenie Watch)

Update, Poland looks to severely restrict wind turbines.

Good for them.

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the ‘dying debate’ …

The hysteria from the usual culprits would suggest this is their wish, to remove tourists and visitors from the Great Barrier Reef. Of course the usual media followers embellish it even further.

James Cook University has even threatened one of their own, to toe the line, or … I hope that Professor Ridd one day gets rewarded for telling the truth.

At least, they have now been noticed. Firstly, Andrew Bolt:

The ludicrous scaremongering by global warming activists about the “dying” reef is costing Australians jobs and money:

Three surveys conducted in Britain, China, and the United States, have shown citizens in those countries – when the situation is raised with them – say that are concerned that the world-renowned reef is under severe threat. And many would reconsider visiting as a result…

An estimated 175,000 fewer tourists could visit Australia if the bleaching persists and worse if the [claimed] damage becomes permanent.

The polls, which surveyed the attitudes and awareness of 1000 people in each market, found potential visitors were concerned over the state of the reef, which in turn could feed into them deciding to visit other Australian attractions or to go to places other than Australia entirely.

The finding suggests the tourism businesses and related local economies adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, could suffer the loss of 10,000 jobs and that the Australian economy could lose as much as $1 billion per year in overseas income.

The reef supports an estimated 70,000 jobs in the tourism and related sectors and accounts for a significant proportion of Australia’s tourist income.

These activists Mr Bolt warns us about really are a joke. The government might like to take a peek, this is the same University that tossed the late Dr Barry Bob Carter. He was too good for them!

Modern Scientific Controversies Part 2: The Great Barrier Reef Wars

Read it all:

GBR Marine Park, giving the Authority an interest in activities on land as well as in the sea.


Update, Thanks to PJ for pointing out my lazy lapse in making sure I had Dr Carter’s name right. I even have his book “Taxing Air”.
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GBR, healthy and vibrant …

[…] Additional support for the accusation of serious exaggeration about threats to the reef has also come from the reef tourism industry, which is gravely concerned about the negative impact of such publicity on their businesses. As the dive-boat captains and tour operators know from their own direct and daily experience, the reef remains healthy and vibrant. It is not dying.

Meanwhile, the doomsters persist in upping the ante to a level of absurdity, now claiming $16 billion is needed from government over the next decade to save the reef…

This post by Dr Walter Starck at Quadrant slams the doomsayers and scaremongers.

The Reef’s Self-Serving Saviours

All the many and varied claims of threats are based on speculation and the flat-out fabrications of researchers, bureaucrats and activists seeking grants and donations. Let us hope that a political leader emerges to decry and defund the gold-plated alarmists and the immense harm they are doing […]


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