Dogs are smarter than you think — Utopia – you are standing in it!

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via Dogs are smarter than you think — Utopia – you are standing in it!


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the war on weather …

No new records of rainfall or temperature extremes for 5 years. Just the occasional daily, monthly or annual hotter drier, colder wetter. The real extreme records and dates for Western Australia can be seen here.

The scary stories will go on I expect as the new little ice age kicks in. It may already have:

Snow in the Sahara!

Really truly, it’s just weather:

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how much was wasted? …

Oh for a ‘clone’ Trump to remove Australia’s Chairman Mal, a win for the environment, it would be:


Trump has told supporters he will cut off such payments to the U.N.  “(Trump’s) campaign released a policy statement (Nov. 1) suggesting that he would ‘cancel all wasteful climate change spending,’ which would include the elimination of all of the federal government’s international and domestic climate programs as well as a rollback in regulations aimed at cutting carbon emissions,” the Post reports.

“The campaign estimated that these moves would save $100 billion over eight years,” the Post reports.

Trump wants to spend that money on U.S.-based environmental programs, telling supporters he will “use that money to support America’s vital environmental infrastructure and natural resources.”

Tony Abbott started doing climate reforms until the media’s abuse gave some now ex-politicians cold feet and swapped support. Now the progressive left Prime minister is surging, further left. That will make his demise certain. It’s not going to be pretty, so popcorn will be on order, Trump’s enemies are enjoyable to watch, so I have run out.

The evidence about recent science of CO2 is being ignored, Trump to fix:

[…] Greenstone and Sunstein are not alone in their refusal to deal with evidence that undermines their claims. But if the SCC looks to be negative, the Trump administration should act to eliminate the current endangerment finding for carbon dioxide, and dismantle the regulatory apparatus that rests upon its highly questionable estimation of the positive value of SCC.  The sorry truth is that the EPA and the regulatory process in the Obama administration show no respect for the scientific method they claim to rely on.

(Hat tip a great resource from Dr Ray)

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early monsoon arrival …

The last gasp of the 2016 El Nino arrived in Broome last night, with over 200mm of rain and more to come. Followed by a Kimberley cyclone, heading between Broome and Port Hedland in the next few days.

Drains were all full and overflowing.


Wonderful soaking rains, with trees showing heavy fruiting branches.


The drains are going to need sorting, again, the airport had to close this morning, the aprons were flooded.

2016-12-23-07-13-42 2016-12-23-07-16-45A bit of a novelty for Broome in December, the monsoons have arrived early, thank you El Nino. Now, where’s that cyclone again?

Here is the airport, closed to air traffic, swept in this video over to show the BoM radar tower:

Just called the boss, he said “maybe stay home today” no worries mate.


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FlakeBook’s Fake news fact free fact checker …

THIS WHOLE ANTI-“FAKE NEWS” CRUSADE IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Facebook ‘fact checker’ who will arbitrate on ‘fake news’ is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes – and its staff includes an escort-porn star and ‘Vice Vixen domme.’

That’s Snopes. And the other partners are even shadier! “The others include ABC News, the Associated Press and ‘fact-checking’ websites including” Ew.



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Frozen Michigan lighthouse looks out of this world in drone video — FOX 61

The addition of a smokestack to a lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan, led some to describe the building as “unsightly,” per the AP. It was anything but on Thursday, after the area was hit with chilly weather. In a video captured by photographer Joshua Nowicki, the outer portion of the lighthouse is seen entirely caked…

via Frozen Michigan lighthouse looks out of this world in drone video — FOX 61

Mighty pleased to be in tropical Broome, Australia!

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child abuse at the altar of progressive Greens …

There they go again:

TOMORROW IN SYDNEY at 8.30am, we’ll deliver half a million signatures to Prime Minister Turnbull to say no to $1 billion handout to billionaire polluter, Adani.

See more

Tom Harley Child abuse. Preaching, not teaching.

Activism is on the agenda at primary school, these days, is it? I often see fake news on the ACF site, but it seems like they are OK with teachers indoctrinating their own kids.

On the false premise of ‘environmentalism’. Actually, this agenda shows that they prefer to keep Indian poor people in the dark, whilst feasting at the altar in Paris! Just because they didn’t get their preferred carbon tax.

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yes, a complete and utter debacle …

This is a terrible result, that I predicted when it was first written on the back of a beer coaster by the worst business decision in Australia, ever. The ‘super-dooper’ brilliant, fail of Australia’s optic fibre National Broadcasting Network.

The NBN is now a complete and utter debacle!

The NBN disaster unravels

Maurice Newman says the NBN disaster is becoming too obvious to keep off the books. UPDATE: And he’s not alone in warning that Labor and Malcolm Turnbull may have between them delivered the greatest financial debacle in our history.

Here, from a few years ago.

Pindan Post was even linked by the Senate Estimates Committee five years ago.

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the new climate reality to look forward to …

This outline from Dr Tim Ball about the science and future of the climate/weather debate is well worth reading. The changes that are sending messages with Donald Trump cabinet selections have already created a major stir in the losing side and their compliant media. This augurs well for major changes in the way science has been bludgeoned in the last couple of decades. Where it all started:

[…] Maurice Strong set up the IPCC through the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This organization is comprised of weather bureaucrats from every UN member nation. They created, controlled, and promoted the IPCC agenda so that politicians had no choice, as Strong intended. This, and President Obama’s use of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are proof that bureaucracies must not have control going forward. Their role must be as passive collectors and disseminators of data. They should not be involved in research. This was a major part of the problem with the IPCC and weather office involvements. Scientific bureaucrats are automatically compromised by their career being subject to the whim and will of their political bosses. Skepticism, the very hallmark of science, is automatically stifled in such a hierarchical structure.

Strong, Obama and Gore were all a part of the failed Chicago Carbon Exchange! Dr Tim Ball then goes on to say:

[…] My warning was because it is likely that my three lawsuits are related to my activities. Voltaire said

“It is dangerous to be right when people in authority are wrong.”

Many were unsure if the people in authority were finally right. Trump’s meetings with carbon footprint hypocrites Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio, seemed to signal something different. All this was put to rest with the appointment of Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Conversations and information gleaned at the Heritage Climate Conference on Thursday assures me accurate climate science is in charge. The challenge is to deprogram the people, remove the exploitive agencies and rules they created, and set up a system that is as free of politics as possible. […]

Read the whole thing. Speaking of the new people in authority, this post gives me thrills, the new adults running the show, are asking questions that must shake the outgoing bureaucracy to their core. Their homework is shown to know extraordinary details. Willis writes: Continue reading

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environment gets stitched …

The Greens got so suckered by the Turnbull gambit, and those that pay are all the young indigenous unemployed youth in the Kimberley that signed up for a number of Green Army tree planting projects. Also the trainers and supervisors, all experienced indigenous mentors, to be put out of work.

All for Chairman Mal’s petty indulgences and backstabbing of conservatives, again and again. The environment loses, real conservationists lose, in exchange for a watered down building Union watchdog.

The Prime Minister, again and again, shows he is not fit to tie Tony Abbott’s bootlaces.

A signature environmental policy of the Abbott government, the Green Army, will be abolished at this month’s mid-year budget update, saving $360 million.
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