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Pilbara vista …

The Pilbara region in Western Australia is the heart of the mining region that provides the majority of Australia’s export income, mostly iron ore and gas, but also a myriad of other smaller metal producers including gold and manganese. That … Continue reading

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is there anything more CO2 isn’t good for …

Yes, really: Elevated CO2 Enhances the Removal of Cadmium and Lead Contamination from Toxic Soils (28 April 2017) According to the authors of this study, “elevated CO2 benefited the microenvironment in the rhizosphere of R. pseudoacacia seedlings under Cd and … Continue reading

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the renewable energy collapse …

This is an important look at the collapse and failure of Eastern Australia to maintain a secure power grid electricity supply, copied in full here: Australia: A Dead Man Warns of a Dying Grid Not long before his sudden and … Continue reading

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the russians did it … the real scandal

The media ignored it: Nets Devote Only 11 Minutes to Clinton Foundation Scandals Yet the Clinton partnership with Putin and Russia is the story the media wont tell you. It was worth billions, including a massive speaking cheque for Bill, … Continue reading

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increased greening is CO2 caused … new paper

This paper published at Nature Climate Change last year blows the AGW theory out of the water. CO2 never was a culprit, but does the opposite, causes greening. Greening of the Earth and its drivers Global environmental change is rapidly … Continue reading

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a time of plenty …

Following on from December’s record 400mm+ rainfall, January 2017 exceeds the average, just before the end of the month with about 250mm recorded and a day to go. Fruit, nuts and flowers are in abundance with the extra moisture, welcomed … Continue reading

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growing tough seedlings … by being mean

Learning how to grow seedlings has kept me busy for nearly 2 decades, and working out the best survival tactics for seedlings is one positive result. Now, a student at Curtin University in Perth describes my processes. Treat them rough, … Continue reading

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“the great green guzzler con” …

Shortly before midday on March 16, 2016, Richard Whittemore opened the gate of a 20-acre field near Plaistow in West Sussex to find a scene of devastation. The babbling stream that flows through it had become a glutinous slick of … Continue reading

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unique indigenous food orchards on the way …

I got a mention from an interview I did on ABC Rural about our land-use future in the Tropics. Well worth a read how a new Industry will use new methods of land use we call Savannah Enrichment. The WA … Continue reading

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win 100 million to lose 350 million … mad Greens

The Greens have now caused the undoing of the only major environmental work in decades begun by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. This includes several ongoing projects ongoing here in Broome, planting thousands of trees. This post sets out the … Continue reading

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