RIP, Fairfax News media? …

They wont be missed, as the heady days of journalism is long gone, leaving a once large media firm in such dire straits that the journalist’s strike will not make an iota of difference to anyone but themselves. Good luck with that. The ABC has taken your readers away, free of charge.

Tim Blair notes: “There may be a few spare desks in Canberra next Tuesday:”

Back to Fairfax, the printing goes on:

Fairfax continues publishing during strike – Sky News

6 hours ago – Fairfax Media has continued publishing as hundreds of journalists hold a week-long strike against job cuts.

This is also a test post to see if Fakebook is censoring me, as it sure seems like it, as I do know it censures readers and contributors. Censorship is not free speech, nor does it fit a media organization with ethics.

Fortunately most people are aware that social media and search engines like Google have become highly politicized, so fact checking is essential. I hereby ban Fakebook for as long as I decide to.

Image result for fakebook memes

Fakebook have other bias problems of their own making:

Facebook’s Female Engineers Claim Gender Bias – WSJ

1 day ago – An analysis last year by a longtime engineer at Facebook found female engineers received 35% more rejections of their code than men, setting …

Update, trashing customers is becoming an epidemic:

AND THEY WONDER WHY THEY’RE LOSING VIEWERS: Leftist Network BLASTS Democrats: ESPN Host Declares Every ‘City In America’ a ‘Racist City.’

No business publicly trashes its customers like the DNC-MSM. Speaking of which, long before ESPN went full SJW, we’ve known that Manhattan is a racist city – our source was the New York Times.

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