snowflake alert …

It seems Flakebook’s Fakebook wont allow me to comment or add photos and videos. Maybe it was because I last commented on Ecowatch news, the words ” the truth hurts”, while they were bemoaning the Trump/Pruitt’s EPA slashing of the climate agenda. Snowflakes!

Here they are again:

SHARE if you agree with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

“I know clean coal sounds like an oxymoron, but so does President Trump.”

Colbert then pointed out how this aspect of the plan takes America’s climate policy back …

 Morons. Ecowatch now takes comedy as truth. Or can’t tell comedy from truth. They need their ‘safe space’ upgraded. Here Ecowatch, you will be triggered.

Fossil fuel power is a winner.

Update: Ecowatch could be triggered severely if they saw this from Senator Roberts, on a Spectator article

“Australians deserve better than to be held to ransom by the duff ideology of a few eco-zealots. If governments can’t provide their voters with something as basic as reliable energy, then they must be held to account for their negligence.

South Australia is a warning the rest of the country should heed before it’s too late. And the answer to your problems, my Aussie friends, is most definitely not blowing in the wind. It’s right there, underneath your feet.” James Delingpole

Where’s the due diligence on renewables? | The Spectator Australia


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