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the truth is going to hurt …

It’s no wonder President Trump is enjoying himself, watching the Democrat opposition and Media enemies self-immolate over Russia’s supposed spying, while ignoring the elephant in the room, themselves. From the President’s senior adviser: Oh dear, overdosing on popcorn. Four more … Continue reading

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Victoria’s ‘dark ages’ begin …

Today, once mighty Victoria, came down to importing power from Tasmania! Yesterday, they turned off the last coal-fired turbine in an amazing show of vandalism. The state that built a desalination plant for the rains that would never come again, … Continue reading

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flakery at fake news fakebook …

Still unable to comment or post pics on Flakebook. However what I post on here does get posted on my fakebook newsfeed. Censorship is what the left do: Raul Montoya Comments WARNING #Facebook #Censorship And 3 #Liberal #Biased “Fact” … Continue reading

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more carbon please …

[…] Wang et al. report that “both CO2 enrichment and warming increased the availability of most soil micronutrients,” while noting more specifically that “the availability of Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn under CO2 enrichment increased by 47.7, 22.5, 59.8 and … Continue reading

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snowflake alert …

It seems Flakebook’s Fakebook wont allow me to comment or add photos and videos. Maybe it was because I last commented on Ecowatch news, the words ” the truth hurts”, while they were bemoaning the Trump/Pruitt’s EPA slashing of the … Continue reading

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the russians did it … the real scandal

The media ignored it: Nets Devote Only 11 Minutes to Clinton Foundation Scandals Yet the Clinton partnership with Putin and Russia is the story the media wont tell you. It was worth billions, including a massive speaking cheque for Bill, … Continue reading

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scientist chickens out …

Dr Karl Kruszelnickian, ABC TV promoter of global warming and other nonsense pulls the plug on a debate with an Australian Senator. Excuses don’t cut it though, the facts were new, he said: Malcolm Roberts Dr Karl retreats from his … Continue reading

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the science on Broome’s dinosaur trackways … published

A comprehensive new paper from the Dr Steve Salisbury team of Paleontologists, of the many dinosaur trackways that inhabit Broome’s coastline, covered and then uncovered by sand washed by very big tides and cyclones. Steve Salisbury ¬†Everything you ever wanted … Continue reading

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tropical autumn flowers …

The current wet season downpours have slowed to a trickle, enabling a mass of ground covers and herbs to set flowers. Quite a wonderland, click to enlarge.

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winter weather, hacked by russians …

Weather satellite scientist mocks the global warmers in this excellent article on his website: […] Global warming theory is in fact so malleable that it predicts anything. More cold, less cold. More snow, less snow. What a powerful theory. And … Continue reading

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