the climate craziness … and “scientifically-illiterate newscasters”


Well that kind of disturbs me, hating the cold as I do. Is this because all the wind farms and solar panels are cooling the earth. Isn’t that what they were designed to do. Except, CO2 continues to rise. Something doesn’t add up. It’s the craziness, says retired Professor, Dr Judith Curry:  Climatologist Resigns Over ‘Craziness in Field of Climate Science,’ ‘Politicized’ Reward System

Something in the water? Enercon, a major wind turbine company admits fault in a court hearing about the sound disturbing nearby residents in Ireland. That will disturb many other pending cases. Meanwhile: Another Colorado ski resort closes because of too much snow. Oh dear, there goes another ‘end of snow’ argument, once the warming catch-cry.

This Professor excoriates the media:

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer ‘outraged by distortions of CO2 & climate intoned by hapless, scientifically-illiterate newscasters’

Even Polar Bears numbers are at their highest in 50 years: Polar bear conservation group blasts Obama for climate alarmism: ‘Sensationalized nonsense’

Fortunately for them, they don’t have to contend with wind turbine blades, which keep killing endangered eagles.

Crazy, to come, extra excessive heat? Well, “once upon a time”:

So much hype in the Australian media about how hot it is going to get at Bourke, in western NSW, this week. Once upon a time it really did get hot at Bourke…

Fiddling Temperatures for Bourke: Part 1, Hot Days By jennifer on March 29, 2014 in Information IF you know Bourke, you know Australia, wrote the famous Australian poet Henry Lawson. There is something quintessentially Australian about the place, the harshness of the western landscape, a tenacious s…

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1 Response to the climate craziness … and “scientifically-illiterate newscasters”

  1. Ian G says:

    You may be interested in this. This is a comparison between the raw temps and the ‘homogenised’ ACORN temps for Bourke, Jan 1939.
    Raw ACORN
    1st 38.9 38.4
    2nd 40 39.1
    3rd 42.2 41.9
    4th 38.1 37.9
    5th 38.9 38.4
    6th 41.7 41.5
    7th 41.7 41.5
    8th 43.4 43
    9th 46.1 45.7
    10th 48.3 47.9
    11th 47.2 46.8
    12th 46.2 45.8
    13th 45.7 45.3
    14th 46.1 45.7
    15th 47.2 46.8
    16th 46.7 46.3
    17th 40 39.1
    18th 40.1 39.1
    19th 40 39.1
    20th 41.9 41.7
    21st 42.5 42.1
    22nd 44.2 43.8
    23rd 36.7 36.5
    24th 40.3 39.2
    25th 36.6 36.5
    26th 29.4 29.5
    27th 29.3 29.4
    28th 28.8 28.9
    29th 30.6 30.5
    30th 35.6 35.4
    31st 38.6 38.3
    Highest daily 48.3 47.9
    Lowest daily 28.8 28.9
    Monthly mean 40.4 40.04
    Difference 0.36
    All above 30C have been reduced (one by 1.1C) and all the three under 30C have been increased.
    They must have moved the site everyday.
    They have effectively reduced a 17 consecutive above 40C heatwave to a 11 day heatwave.

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