Green garbage …

In the name of saving the environment, thousands of green activists fighting to stop the Dakota Access pipeline are making a huge mess.

Those familiar with the camps near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, increasingly are distressed over the pits of human waste and garbage pockmarking the formerly pristine prairie revered by the Standing Rock Sioux as sacred ancestral land.

Rob Keller, spokesman for the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, said the protesters are “saying one thing and doing another” when it comes to safeguarding the environment.

“We’ve seen pictures of trenches and the garbage thrown in there. So that’s protecting the land?” Mr. Keller said. “And then the snow came in, and I’m sure it’s just a muddy mess now, because that’s river-bottom water, which is silt. It will be a mess.” […]

Who could have seen this coming. Misguided green zealots, leaving a nightmare for others to clean up after them. It was always the same at Obama rally’s too. Not forgetting Occupy Democrats, many of the same activists. All this based on a false meme that NG pipelines will impact the region’s aquifers. I’d say the activists are doing that themselves.

But, of course:

[…] Despite its hard line on other environmental transgressors, the Obama administration has given the protesters a pass on camps north of the Cannonball River, allowing them to remain illegally for months and insisting the activists will not be removed forcibly if they defy a Monday deadline to leave.

“They’re on [what] I’ll call a federal refuge because the Army Corps and the Obama administration have refused to demand that they leave that federal land,” North Dakota Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley said in a Thursday interview with WDAY-AM’s Rob Port.

“We’ve had no authority to go in and remove them,” said Mr. Wrigley, a Republican. “But now the Army Corps is saying they have to leave by the fifth. We’ll see.”

This week’s snowstorm and subfreezing temperatures have done what the administration has not by motivating many activists to leave their tents, teepees and campers and return home, or at least check into the reservation hotel and casino.

Read the whole article here at the Washington Times.

(Via Greenie Watch)

People dump illegal waste at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest encampment. (Photo from North Dakota Department of Health).
People dump illegal waste at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest encampment. (Photo from North Dakota Department of Health). more >

Almost as bad as sending the US forests to burn in UK power stations: What green vision? US forests burned to make costly UK electricity …

Update, no protests about our own Broome gas pipeline for these ‘disgusting polluting’ generators(sarc):

sticking to gas power.

sticking to gas power.


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  1. Another Ian says:

    Check the blizzard and they want to be rescued by helicopters!

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