Wilderness Society goes feral …

The Green’ cunning threat to the Prime Minister. What is it about the Greens and threats to anyone, or thing, that disagrees with them? A target for all the loonies out there, a big pink house! This was their e-mail, today:

Dear Tom,

We have a cunning plan, and we need your help.

Now that BP has done the decent thing and backed out of the Bight, we want Malcolm Turnbull to play his part in protecting this pristine marine sanctuary from Big Oil. Forever.

Companies like Santos and Chevron still hold exploration leases. We want the federal government to rescind them and ban oil and gas development in the Great Australian Bight. So here’s the plan:

We’ll put a billboard asking Malcolm Turnbull to protect our backyard… in his backyard. (That’s Malcolm’s house there in pink.)

Malcolm’s a busy man. The best way to put oil drilling on his mind is to put oil drilling in his backyard. When he sees this billboard in his Prime Ministerial ocean patch, he’ll spit his morning moccachino. We think the media will go crazy for it, too.

Can you chip in?

(No fracking way, bullies! ed)

If we’re going to make headlines, we can’t afford to do this by halves. So we need people like you to chip in whatever you can to help us hit our funding target of $25,000.


Every little bit helps us take this important message mainstream.

Please donate and help us put our floating billboard in front of the Prime Minister’s Point Piper waterside mansion.

If you’re as excited as we are, forward this email to your friends and family. The sooner we hit our target, the sooner we can make our big splash.

Yours for nature,

Lyndon Schneiders
National Campaigns Director
The Wilderness Society

Chip in? Seriously? Maybe now Chairman Mal might decide that his own Green Agenda was wrong, and instead wake up to the idea the skeptics have the science right. After all, the science says that fracking’s fine, too.

The Greens are a danger to us all. Maybe a drilling rig or three outside Lyndon’s place would be in order.

I think some of those that live in the area will be mighty pissed off, Malcolm resides at The Prime Minister’s Lodge in Canberra!

A Green’s shot in the foot moment, this idea of theirs.

sticking to gas power.

sticking to gas power.

Fracking in WA for gas

Fracking in WA for gas

So who is the neighbour that is going to see rigs from this?:

Image result for great australian bight

Update, this is what the Greens call Utopia.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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