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Reporting of manipulated polls at ‘their’ ABC fails to give the real result, 61% of Australians do not believe in CAGW. The ABC is sprung, alongside the Climate Institute that produced it, and we can deservedly give them heaps of mockery thanks to Andrew Bolt, here:

The Climate Institute’s latest press release contains more meaningless propaganda – that most Australians believe the climate is changing.

This is meaningless because I also agree the climate is changing – and always has. That is uncontroversial. The issue is how much man’s emissions are now responsible, and on that critical question the Climate Institute’s press release is silent:

Seventy-seven per cent of Australians now believe climate change is occurring, up from 64 per cent in 2012, with trust in the science up from a minority in 2012 to 60 per cent now.

A CSIRO poll of 5000 people last year got an even higher proportion agreeing that the climate was changing – 85.5 per cent. But then it asked the asked the obvious next question and got an answer that the Climate Institute and the ABC would hate: sceptics now outnumber believers in Australia:

True, a worrying 45.9 per cent of Australians do still think man is mostly to blame for what warming we’ve seen over the past several decades.

But those believers are now outnumbered by people who think this warming is natural (38.6 per cent) or not occurring at all (7.9 per cent) — which means sceptics total 46.5 per cent. The rest don’t know.

In fact, even 19 per cent of Greens voters are sceptics.


Buried in the Climate Institute’s report, this embarrassing admission:

a large 39 per cent now saying human activity is the main cause

Which leaves 61 per cent of Australians who believe climate change is either not caused by man or not mainly – or are not convinced either way. My own view is that held by 60 per cent in this poll that man is probably affecting the climate, at least to some extent. That extent, I believe, is very small and on balance probably not to our detriment.

That 39 per cent is the most telling finding. Yet the ABC does not report it, preferring to hype the Climate Institute’s spin instead.

The questions asked reflect the Climate Institute’s agenda, then the published result is an attempt at manipulating the result to suit. Via Climate Depot:

History Keeps Proving Prophets Of Eco-Apocalypse Wrong

  • Ivo Vegter, Daily Maverick

The ability to make accurate predictions is a hallmark of good science. Predictions by environmental doom-mongers have proven to be wrong time and time again. No wonder most people no longer believe them.

Image result for GWPF failed predictions

If we do not reverse global warming by the year 2000, “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels”, warned Noel Brown, a director of the United Nations Environment Programme, in 1989.

Oh dear, missed it, by 16 years at the very least!

Update, Jonova explains how the questions were loaded.

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