the first climate fraud case to the Courts …

The first climate fraud case hits the Courts shortly, involving carbon credits, tax and scammers. The straw that breaks the fraud wide open? Believe it! This 60 million pound fraud case begins the pushback against the giant scam.


I have been making steady progress in preparing the first of two or three index cases in which scientific “researchers” or the “universities” that shoddily provide cover for them have committed open scientific frauds. It will only be necessary to succeed in one or two of these cases and the rest of the scamsters will realize the game is up and will run for cover.

I have no idea whether Professor Swingland or his alleged accomplices are guilty of anything, but the fact that the public authorities are at last willing to move against alleged climate scamsters – something that would not have been possible under the sappy, wet true-believing regime of “call-me-Dave” Cameron – is, whatever the outcome of the trial, a significant step in the direction of reminding the profiteers of doom that governments will no longer automatically provide protection for them and that they are, after all, subject to just the same laws as the rest of us.


Read it all.

Update, Heh: Climate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

Guest post by Kent Clizbe. Government employees willing to tell the truth about climate can be handsomely rewarded.


The federal government has a vigorous program to identify and prosecute fraudulent grant applications and administration–the False Claims Act.  It provides rewards for insiders who reveal grant fraud.

(Via The ‘Abominable‘ Deplorable, Tony Heller)

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