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BoM’s practices of data adjusting to suit an agenda, are seriously unraveled by Dr Jennifer Marohasy in an Online Opinion article today. Pointing out some rather large alterations to a rural site that hasn’t had any changes in 100 years or so can cause major problems when the science of bushfires and climate change are studied.

How hot was it at Rutherglen on Black Friday? Black Friday was that tragic day – 13 January 1939 – when a firestorm swept across Victoria destroying whole towns.

Just to the north, at Rutherglen, did maximum temperatures reach 47.6 °C on that fateful day – or only 42.2 °C? Experts will explain that when considering the likely impact of future bushfires, it is important to consider the historical temperature record – but which record? The Australian Bureau of Meteorology keeps two records: there is the official ACORN-SAT record used to report on climate change each year and easily accessible at their website through an interactive map; and then there are the raw values in a back cupboard – metaphorically speaking. […]

Dr Marohasy has found a number of ridiculous assumptions for BoM adjusting carefully measured temperature data. Read it all.

Now, another Government Department in West Australia, the Water Corporation is having similar data problems with rainfall and dam data, in work being done by Warwick Hughes. It appears recording rainfall and encouraging water run-off into dams has all become too difficult. Lets hope this can be straightened out with Warrick Hughes’  diligent auditing Read all the comments of explanations into the mess here.

[…] They must release all their daily rain data so various sources can be compared. On 2nd August I posted – Perth dams rain data is in need of an audit. On 2nd May I posted – West Australian Govt Water Corporation fails to record March 2016 rain at several dams.

Their instruments are away for repairs? For months? Imminent rain:rainAnother science furphy was the demise, so called, of 95 % of the Great Barrier Reef. They stuffed that one up, too:

Great Barrier Reef only 5% bleached, Cairns Post

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