energy propaganda loses … and losers

A completely false, one sided-column from Australia’s socialist Capital’s propaganda outlet, The Canberra Times:

“For 30 years there has been a renewable energy funding agency in one form or another in Australia. “This has led to phenomenal success in generation of technology and education. “The worldwide silicon solar cell industry owes its existence in large measure to Australians who were supported by grants from government renewable energy agencies.  “Billions of dollars of benefits have accrued to Australia.”

The reality is, billions of dollars of taxpayer funds have been paid out for their dubious efforts at controlling a non-existent ‘global warming’ by stopping the production of cheap electricity.

Get rid of that funding now! There has not been one iota of benefit to Australia due to the money spent wasted on renewable energy.

Their “Mad, Bad, Green Disease” is killing us all:

AUSTRALIA has developed a death wish. Why this green mania to make us poor?

On Wednesday, Victorian Premier Daniel ­Andrews announced he would permanently ban fracking for coal-seam gas.

Even conventional gas drilling — done safely here for half a century — would be banned to at least 2020.

Andrews could point to not a scrap of credible science to back these bans.

He cited only the fear spread by green alarmists: “This is the first ban of its kind anywhere in our nation and it just speaks volumes to the dangers, the uncertainty and the anxiety within the Victorian community about fracking.”

This is not the first time a state has banned a safe technology at a big cost to jobs and wealth.

(Read full article here.)

Then there’s the one and only Tim Flannery, a climate quack, costing Australia billions of dollars on useless desalination plants. Then another 90 million dollars of taxpayer dollars on his own failed investment.

Column – Flannery cooked on hot rocks


ANOTHER green dream has turned into a nightmare — at least for investors still dumb enough to believe Tim Flannery.

Energy company Geodynamics has now closed its geothermal power project in South Australia’s far north. This green technology involved drilling several kilometres down to hot rocks, which would then superheat water and drive generators.

“The technology worked,” insisted Geodynamics boss Chris Murray. But the huge cost of the technology and of bringing the power to distant cities “was just greater than the revenue stream”.

No kidding.

Yet who spruiked this project — while almost never revealing he was a shareholder? Yes, indeed, Tim Flannery, the mammal expert who became a professional warming alarmist and, thanks to the Gillard government, our chief Climate Commissioner.

(Read full article here.)

Perth is still not dead, Tim. Not a top scientist at all!

Update, Alan Carlin writes about the Democrat Party losing touch:


So a Major Political Party Has Apparently Lost Touch with Reality

Yet one of the two largest US political parties advocates that the US Government intervene in the energy markets to do the impossible and bring great economic hardship to less wealthy US households. Could it be that they have lost all touch with the reality of wind and solar generation and do not care what happens to the less wealthy members of society in their blind desire to reach an abstract goal of energy purity of no real significance?


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