consensus nonsense …

Warmists will stick fingers in ears and scream lalala, can’t hear you! The global warming scam, undone, with 30+ peer reviewed papers at a time. The climate is unaffected by any man-made CO2 increase. It’s the sun and the ocean cycles that warms and cools. The climate consensus is busted:

[…] There is a claimed scientific “consensus” that climate changes in recent decades are only weakly influenced by natural factors, and instead anthropogenic emissions drive changes in precipitation patterns and temperature.  And yet scientists defiantly continue to publish papers in peer-reviewed journals that undermine this “consensus” opinion. – See more at: […]

Read them all at the link.

Then this week, the tropical troposphere suffered a huge temperature drop, where once, any convincing and permanent rise here was a certain mark of a warming climate.

Jennifer Marohasy
 “So, stronger rising of the stratospheric air is what led to cooling in the last week, but that will be almost exactly matched by warming outside the tropics where air is sinking faster than normal…”
But there are a couple of things that happen there which are pretty dramatic. Sudden stratospheric warming in the polar regions is one. Another, but…

No Trick Zone also reports that Climate Cycle 24 is the weakest in 200 years:

[…] And with a sunspot number (SSN) of 32.5 in July, it was only 42% as active as the mean for the 92nd month into the cycle. Compared to a month earlier (only 27%) it was a slight uptick:

Fig. 1: SC 24 until July 2016 (red) compared to the mean cycle, which is computed from the mean of the previous 23 cycles (blue), and SC5 (black) which was very similar in behavior.

– See more at:

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