the environment’s “ethical misconduct”? …

[…] nearly two decades of “disturbing” data manipulation.

Someone in the inorganic section of a USGS lab in Lakewood, Colorado manipulated data – some of which related to the environment – from 1996 to 2014, with “serious and far ranging” effects, the Department of the Interior (DOI) Inspector General (IG) recently reported.

Nothing surprises any more. The fraud went on for more than a decade before it was quietly pushed aside, don’t want people like us to find out? The Daily Caller also reports:

[…] The first data manipulation issue began in 1996 – just one year after the USGS program was created – and lasted until 2008.

“Science center officials initiated an investigation, but the employee resigned before the investigation concluded,” a May 2015 IG report said.

A House Natural Resources subcommittee has held two hearings since May scrutinizing DOI employees who escaped punishment for misconduct, or were even promoted. (RELATED: Park Service Execs Commit Ethical Misconduct, Get ‘Punished’ With Promotions)

Of course, the perpetrator(s) remain anonymous, Obama’s lackeys make sure of that, don’t want to disturb the agenda! I don’t see any ethics from where I sit. Weasels!

Go and read it all at the Daily Caller.

Update, Climate researcher and investigator, Tony Heller:

Academia Is Vulnerable To Wildly Incompetent Climate Science

GANGSTER GOVERNMENT: Federal Lab Cooked the Books for Two Decades and No One is Being Punished.


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