not just BoM, CSIRO, NASA, NOAA, CRU, … “what we do is like magic”

Data manipulation destroys (USGS) science:

The fallout from this, Brexit and any further disruption of the EU and/or UN will prove to be the destroyers of the global warming agenda once and for all. The current state of solar and CO2 science shows that warming caused by CO2 has not happened, and unlikely to ever happen.

The whole agenda has been driven by pocket lining, grubby political lefties and their enablers at government and media agencies. They have taken us all for incompetent fools, but we now know that it’s been purely self-projection. Ed Davey is one of them:

Some more: Climate Activists Admit They’ve Been Working with NY AG on Climate RICO Campaign for Over a Year

That’s right, manipulation of the science, the courts, the politics. It’s what they do and it’s time to shove them all under Obama’s and Cameron’s bus, and drive them off into the sunset or wherever else they cannot be heard from.

Not long ago the problem was 100% the opposite: 1983 : Cold Facts Suggest A Chilling Trend

Then the fiddling by environmental lobbyist activists has unraveled the blonde:


The unbearable lightness of polar bear ‘climate science’

From the “Emily Litella” department (never mind) and Zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford, comes yet another hilarious take-down of attempts to link polar bears and climate change last month. Turns out it’s just a blonde. Paging Andrew Derocher! Cleanup on aisle 5! Dr. Crockford writes: All the hubris last month about polar bear x grizzly hybrids,…

Update, More on the fraud at WUWT.

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