the big green fail …

“Total Failure of Green Stewardship” is the title of this column in Quadrant from an environmental scientist, one I totally agree with. The environmental rehabilitation work I have tried to do after many years of neglect has only been possible with the use of volunteers, work for the dole and an occasional boost from excess plant sales. That is, until Tony Abbott started a Green Army, which I have been able to start some projects fortunately. Robert Ellison:

green waste III have worked as a hydrologist and environmental scientist for 30 years.  Over that time hope for environmental conservation has given way to fatalism.  Governments of all ilk have failed to reverse environmental and biodiversity decline.  There has been some progress but it has been partial at best and misguided at worst.  Impacts from industry, residential development, farming and mining have declined.  Land clearing laws have seen savannah – maintained by indigenous peoples over millennia ­­– give way to woody weeds, feral species and declining biodiversity over vast swathes of the Australian landscape.

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The waste from successive governments in funding rainbows and unicorns wind turbines and solar, roof installation and carbon credits, has removed any possibility for years of a fix to the problems of erosion, weeds, ferals, contamination etc.

Even mining companies have been allowed to become lax over rehabilitation and restoration.

A group of volunteers tackling restoration work.

A group of volunteers tackling restoration work.

Thank goodness for Abbott’s Green Army.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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