Media hype overblown and scaremongering …

The media just can’t help it, over-hyping every nonsense that comes along. First, their ABC

The ABC just can’t help themselves. Extreme BS warning

My Bullsh*t detector goes into overdrive with this.

Then it’s the Guardian’s turn. They are forced to do a bit of back-tracking:

Many media outlets, including the Guardian, jumped to the conclusion that the islands were lost to climate change. But this largely misinterprets the science, according to the study’s author, Dr Simon Albert.

The complete story, about low sandy coral islands, suffering wave action, earthquakes and tsunamis:  The claims are totally busted here at WUWT and in several comments.

A somewhat more balanced view from the authors is here … and Ron Clutz: The SEAFRAME installations in the Pacific include Solomon Islands, and it is clearly not sea level rise.

Consistent with the failed AGW hype, the media have failed to report accurately, failed to fact check, an agenda they have pursued ever since this idiotic hype began nearly 30 years ago.

Added by Anthony Watts:

This graph from the 2007 IPCC AR4 report is quite interesting, it shows that in the Solomon Islands region, in blue on the map, sea level was declining and was clearly linked to the Southern Oscillation Index.


Figure 5.20. (a) First mode of the EOF decomposition of the gridded thermosteric sea level time series of yearly temperature data down to 700 m from Ishii et al. (2006). (b) The normalised principal component (black solid curve) is highly correlated with the negative Southern Oscillation Index (dotted red curve).

Update, it’s not just sea levels the media find scares them witless: Science By Ambulance Chasing Journalists

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