censorship’s ugly head …

What’s becoming increasingly obvious,the views hald by mainstream conservatives are become increasingly censored by the internet and the usual media culprits, first, we have known Facebook’s reality for some time: Facebook accused of censoring conservatives, and ‘their’ ABC, who regularly omit facts that don’t support their agenda. They have supported an accused pedophile in their war against Cardinal Pell but now gone strangely quiet now that this is exposed.

Facebook has gone even further:

Facebook has been accused of censoring views that differ from its own social agenda after it ­deleted a post by a Sydney man who suggested same-sex marriage ­advocates should accept some of the blame for making gay people feel marginalised.

But, worst of all, ABC, again: How the ABC censored news for China

All those above on Andrew Bolt today.

On Fox News just now, I learn Twitter is censoring the US Intelligence Agencies from information on terrorist groups. Twitter is such a cesspit of violence, narcissism and rubbish I just never go there.

Now there are a number of elections happening, it will probably only get worse.

Update, fortunately we have Tim Blair, able to put a certain perspective that annoys: HE DOES EVERYTHING YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO DO Tim Blair Tuesday, May 10, 2016 (5:18pm)

I may be reading a little too much into this, but it could just be that SBS comedy writer Rebecca Shaw didn’t really enjoy Monday’s column:

In the very first sentence he does everything you are not meant to do if you are a person who cares about the lives of transgender people. Or if you are just a decent person. He refers to Caitlyn as Bruce, says that Caitlyn ‘is’ a man, and misgenders her over and over. This is not satire, it is not funny, and it is disgraceful.

Oh, I’m ever so sorry, Miss Becky, ma’am. Perhaps this insightful essay on heteronormative behavioural modes within a contextual framework of 20th century US rural communities will cheer you up. Sadly, Sinead Stubbins was similarly outraged:

Blair, who continually uses Caitlyn’s old name in a pretty disgusting show of mocking prejudice …

Continually = twice. But who’s counting? Not Sinead, because she evidently can’t. Maybe I’ll have better luck with Tara Watson:

The fact that an Australian publication would post such an abhorrent collection of bigoted drivel and transphobic rhetoric should make us all cringe to live in a country where this is of publishable merit.

Hey, I’ve just found the author of my next neck tattoo. But enough of this a-cryin’ and a-wailin’. Chloe Sargeant calls for more decisive action:

hey guys, just wanted to know when the secret plan to assassinate tim blair is going ahead? let me know. okay hope to hear from u soon

When the transtapo feminists arrive, I hope it’s on the same day I’m visited by a few Islamic State enthusiasts. What a show! I’ll sell tickets.

UPDATE. Apparently I’m “culturally irrelevant”, according to someone who was briefly on Big Brother three years ago.

Update from Glenn Reynolds: ROGER SIMON: Facebook—More Dangerous than the NSA.

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