tall tales of coral’s imminent demise (scaremongering) …

Coral Bleaching is Not a Tell-Tale Sign of Imminent Extinction (13 April 2016)
Fear is the tool of choice of many climate alarmists, who seem to be working overtime these days in an effort to persuade the public to support legislation to combat dangerous climate change, which they claim will occur unless CO2 emissions are drastically reduced. And after nearly two decades of over-predicting global warming (there has been little to no global warming since the late 1990s), they are getting awfully desperate in their attempts to convince the public that there is an imminent climate catastrophe on the horizon…

The scare tactics will soon come to a head in June, when the Courts are asked to adjudicate the climate warming agenda. Here is the original Amicus Brief, filed in support of the plaintiffs. Scientists, engineers and lawyers have all played a part.

These pics below from Broome are a carbon copy of similar bleaching in 1998 and 2004, only aware because King tides leave them out of water for a few hours each year. Surface water is always hotter too:

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Josh Akerman's photo.
Josh Akerman's photo.
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Josh Akerman's photo.

Update, ‘their ABC’, calls it ‘badly damaged’?

Red Broome and ABC Kimberley shared a link.
Evidence emerges that the coral bleaching which has devastated the Great…
  • Never seen to this extent before, coral bleaching is happening off the Kimberley coast.

    Rudi OberholzerHeaps around broome, reef looks dead is alot of spots.

The odd thing is, they are all out of the water, dry. King tides!

Update2, The Greens are in panic scaremongering mode, aided by their media arm at The Guardian:

As feared, reefs off the West Australian coast are being impacted by coral bleaching. Read more here: http://bit.ly/1YJVvpR

Marine protections, which help coral reefs recover from bleaching, halted in Western Australia
theguardian.com|By Michael Slezak


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