failed climate argument …

Those on the warmist side of the debate have lost the argument on climate change. They cannot deny that science has falsified their CAGW hypothesis, so they attack the messenger with spurious name-calling and fiction:

It’s not just the oil industry that knew human-induced climate change was wreaking havoc on our planet

Peabody Energy declared bankruptcy this morning. The company’s court-ordered disclosures are likely to yield evidence of direct links to climate denial.

 I couldn’t let that go without a comment or three:

Tom HarleyHe’s not a denier, he is a sceptic, something few of you seem to know anything about.

Tom HarleyCalling people names like ‘denier’ is self-projection, what those on the left are good at. It’s bullying.

Tom HarleyIf you have to give a derogatory name to anyone, it means you have no argument, the debate is lost by you.

This is all they have, so it’s time to name and shame: 

Michael Motherway Deniers are polluters they will gleefully poison you.

Lisa Peterson

Lisa Peterson Rats on a sinking ship. Bye Big Coal! May the rest of you go the way of Peabody — bankrupt.

Carol Brady

Carol Brady Expect nothing but lies from them

Susie Dawn Butler He should invest in a better choice. Dummy

Mona Martine What a big surprise.

These activist, anti-poor, alarmists are in for a rude shock after this court action delivers the action they are pushing, especially after the Democrats are thrashed in November.

There is no probable cause against CEI, or any sort of cause at all. It is an attempt by the White House to harass dissidents into submission to White House tyranny. (Steven Goddard)


Yes, Let’s Prosecute Climate-Change Fraud – and Start with the Scaremongers

By David French April 8, 2016 4:00 AM

If propounding pseudoscience in pursuit of self-serving goals is a crime, here are some hardened offenders. The attorneys general of New York and California are on the warpath. They’re fed up with dissent over the science and politics of global warming, and they’re ready to investigate the liars. California’s Kamala Harris and New York’s Eric Schneiderman have Exxon in their sights, and they’re trying to pry open the books to see whether the corporation properly warned shareholders “about the risk to its business from climate change.” Not to be outdone, Attorney General Loretta Lynch revealed that the federal Department of Justice has “discussed” the possibility of civil suits against the fossil-fuel industry. The smell of litigation is in the air.

See more here.

Via Icecap.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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