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Broome weather extremes … April

27 March, 35.4C at 11.28am. At 11.00am it was 34.4C and at 11.30 am it was 34.8C. No flights near 11.30am. 29 March, 35.2C at 12.12pm. At 12 noon it was 33.8C and at 12.30pm it was 34.7C. No flights … Continue reading

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the miserable ABC staff … “really miserable”

Who’d have thought. Good riddance to Mark Scott, shill for Big ‘Green’ to the very last day: Flip Prior Mmm I’m pretty sure every media organisation has a few miserable staff if you look around … Everyone I work with … Continue reading

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Green theft …

What’s worse than putting your hard earned in overseas companies and banks? Stealing it for the Socialists own shonky Green agendas. They have already stolen billions for the failed solar/wind Industry already: EcoWatch SHARE if you agree Panama Papers Prove … Continue reading

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clutching at straws …

Another one for the ‘we’re all gunna die’ album! Oil pipeline and terminal in Canada to wipe out ‘endangered’ killer whales? Really? EcoWatch Find out how the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline could be the “final harpoon” for endangered killer … Continue reading

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Earth Day fail …

Every single original Earth day prediction … WRONG! Glenn Beck 23 April at 09:47 · Good night, America. Environmentalism: The Biggest Hoax of All Time If you haven’t noticed, our planet is not completely frozen over, and we don’t currently … Continue reading

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highly adaptable coral reefs …

Mud reefs are one of the least understood of all marine environmental systems, as this latest announcement verifies: Huge coral reef discovered at Amazon river mouth Dr John Ray at Greenie Watch reports on this Sunshine Hours Post: More evidence … Continue reading

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pseudoscience scaremongers undone …

[…] Dose for dose, glyphosate is half as toxic as vinegar, and one tenth as carcinogenic as caffeine. Not that coffee’s dangerous — but the chemicals in it, like those in virtually any vegetable, are dangerous in lab tests at … Continue reading

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making up fake climate stories …

Failing to fact check is the meme of the left’s media arm. Another article with a scary story here at The Daily Mail has the writer drinking the kool-ade. Apparently climate change has decimated the krill population! Antarctic krill populations … Continue reading

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Selecting trees for parks and gardens …

Trees from the East Kimberley can be found in West Kimberley gardens, pictured below. Here is a selection for a friend interested in some shady trees for the East Kimberley. Corymbia ptychocarpa in all it’s red glory at Beautiful!

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the total neglect of errors in weather measurements …

Common sense in measuring temperature data has been in short supply. Errors become compounded and not much better than fictional nonsense, and/or incompetence, says Dr Pat Frank: Systematic errors in climate measurements […] All you engineers and experimental scientists out … Continue reading

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