jet-fueled temperature rises for Broome …

Once again, in fact, nearly every day, there is a spike of around 1C every time we have jet aircraft movements. Today 10th March is a fine example, when the maximum of 34.2C is about 1C hotter than the 1.30 and 2.00pm readings from the Broome Observatory at the Broome Airport, despite it being just 3 minutes before the hour at 1.57pm.

10/03:00pm 33.3
10/02:30pm 33.5
10/02:00pm 33.3
10/01:30pm 33.5

As each flight arrival turns off the runway, the jet exhaust lines up with BoM’s recording instruments. On departure, the taxiing down the runway for take-off must also affect temperatures.


(KNX) Kununurra
(TL*) Airnorth
1:50 PM
En Route
(PER) Perth
1:55 PM
En Route

Now, a few more examples over the rest of the month.

11th March, maximum of 34.4C at 12.51pm. Flight arrivals at 12.45 and 12.50pm. _____________________________Departures 1.40 and 1.45pm                                    Temperature, 33.3C at 12.30pm and 33.1C at 1.00pm, Then 33.7 at 1.30pm.

12th March, maximum of 35.0C at 1.04pm. A flight departure at 12.40 and an arrival at 12.50pm. Temperature, 34.1C at 1.00pm and 33.4C at 1.30pm.

13th March, maximum of 36.5C at 12.26pm. Now, that’s a big spike. One flight arrival at 12.25 and another at 12.30pm:

13/01:30pm 34.9
13/01:00pm 34.6
13/12:30pm 35.0
13/12:00pm 35.5
13/11:30am 34.9

15th March, maximum of 34.7C at 10.18am. It was 33.9C at 10.30, but this time, the wind was from the North, whereas all the other days it was NW to SW for days. That side of Broome Airport contains a subdivision that took the place of the old north-south runway.

16th March, maximum of 34.1C at 2.02pm. Yet it was 33.2C at 2.00pm and the same at 2.30pm. Two flights were scheduled to leave between 1.55 and 2.05pm.

The final proof comes from nearby Broome Port, 8km further south, where there are NO spikes in temperature, today, March 17 shows just 0.9C between maximum and minimum:

Broome Port 17/02:00pm 30.4 29.8

17th March, maximum of 33.9C at 1.41pm, it was 33.1C at 1.30pm and 32.8C at 1.30pm. Two flights were scheduled to depart a few minutes after that time, 30 minutes after landing.

18th March, maximum of 32.8C at 12.55pm, now, that’s another big spike. One flight landed at 12.45pm.

19/01:30pm 31.7
19/01:00pm 31.5
19/12:30pm 31.5
19/12:00pm 32.0

25th March, maximum of 37.5C at 12.59pm, a big spike then sudden drop as 2 flights arrive at 12.45pm and 12.55 pm. At 11.30, it was 36.2C and at 1pm, it dropped to 36.8C, just a minute after the maximum. As a contrast. 8km south at the Broome Port, the maximum was just 1.7C more than the minimum! (SkyNews weather only shows a 37.0C max.)

All these spikes are during summer in Broome, when winds are consistently SW to NW, the missed days above have had smaller rises, usually maximums when no jet aircraft movements were scheduled.Once the season changes, I will check the temperature  data  again.

There are no published schedules for the dozen or so large oil rig helicopters departing from hangars adjacent to the BoM compound.

Siting of instruments has caused most of the warming seen over the last few decades, when siting was changed to airports across the world, and cities across the world have massively grown:

Watts on Surface Stations

Anthony Watts has presented his surface stations research on AGU meeting.  Yes, good (“unperturbed”) surface stations show less “warming trend” than the official record.

Airports, parking lots, a similar effect on temperature records: What Happens When You Build A Parking Lot Around A Thermometer?

Heli hangars and BoM at Broome Airport.

Heli hangars and BoM at Broome Airport.

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3 Responses to jet-fueled temperature rises for Broome …

  1. wazsah says:

    You need the BoM to release their detailed data-streams Tom. 10sec intervals I think it is. Seems telling that the Port data is devoid of spikes.

    • Tom Harley says:

      If you look at Google Earth, you can see where the exhaust faces the instruments, combined with West to Southwest sea breezes and 4 large helicopter hangars catering to a dozen huge rig tender helicopters, this doesn’t surprise me. I find it funny.

  2. wazsah says:

    I was wrong Tom –
    I mentioned that I thought BoM offial temperatures were from 10 second readings – not so apparently – this bom page say 1 second –
    Observation of air temperature
    so the max and min we get these days would be more extreme than 25 years ago read from a mercury in glass thermometer.

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