climate chickens, coming home to roost …

If you ever had thoughts that global warming or climate change was about the environmental, well you would be wrong:

You see, it’s been a scam all along, but their chickens are now coming home to roost: Judge Orders White House To Stop Hiding Its Bogus Global Warming ‘Proof’.

Another one bites the dust: Another Climate Scientist Indicted for Financial Fraud.

The AGW ‘climatists’ own media outlets are feeling the pinch, in a devastating fashion: UK’s Most Climate Alarmist Newspaper Has To Lay Off 310 People After Losing $85 Million


A prominent British news outlet known for its global warming activism has been forced to cut its workforce by 18 percent after the paper reported losing $85…

 They are not alone says Tim Blair. Just the worst possible news for Fairfax, EarthHour patron:


As predicted, Earth Hour won’t be a big hit this year in occupied Europe:

You see, Fairfax just just announced a cut to it’s News division by a third.


Day three of the Great Fairfax Strike, and our penniless comrades are still standing firm:


They may be veering from rage to sadness, but these desperate defenders of media diversity are managing to sustain themselves on meagre rations of negronis and cheese as the strike drags on. Possibly they will make it through to Monday, assisted by generous donations.

UPDATE. Fairfax’s tilty Tess Ingram has deleted her cheese and negronis post. She’s striking during the strike.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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