dodgy science and nonsense …

Alice in Wonderland science hits the internet commentariat.

Tony Thomas discusses the agenda of grant snaffling:

Perhaps you read about the recent academic paper which examined glaciers from a feminist perspective, an exercise that cost US taxpayers some $413,000. Well, the paper itself should prompt not laughter but outrage, not least because Australian “social scientists” are on the same gravy train. […]

Tony concludes with: […]

CSIRO head Larry Marshall last month announced culling of 300-350 climate-change hangers-on from CSIRO, about $90m per annum’s worth. If federal treasurer Scott Morrison is looking for savings, there’s at least $1b on offer from a clean-out of bogus climate-change academics.

Incidentally, IPCC glacier science is as dodgy as most other fields of climate orthodoxy. There’s about 170,000 glaciers, according to the Fifth IPCC Report (2013) and there’s tracking data on a mere 500 of them. The IPCC authors blame apparent glacier retreats on current and alleged  CO2-linked global warming, ignoring that glaciers have been in general retreat since the Little Ice Age which ended two centuries ago. The first IPCC report (1990) said the rate of glacier recession “appears to have been largest between about 1920 and 1960” – well before any CO2 alleged climate dramas.

Tony Thomas blogs at No B-S Here, I Hope


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