propaganda watch …

When you have to doctor images, exaggerate stories, adjust the data, you know the left have lost the environmental plot. Ecowatch are fine with it:


The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was the largest year-to-year increase ever recorded, NOAA report finds. CO2 concentrations grew by more…

 Of course, I could not let this past without a comment …  Tom Harley Using doctored images is the agenda of a failed hypothesis. CO2 is colourless and odourless. This is pure propaganda.

The propaganda gets worse:

The Town of Wawayanda is in the fertile, black dirt region of New York State. The rural way of life is now under threat from America’s shale gas boom.

Competitive Power Ventures has proposed to build a fracked gas power plant in Wawayanda, New York. New York has banned fracking, but not the mass build out

I would say the Rural way of life has been smashed by Obama-politics, by bashing coal and gas. Fortunately, the fracking States did their own thing, such as North Dakota. Pity about the cheap prices though the customer wins.

North Dakota and fracking – SourceWatch

Feb 27, 2016 – For the past 60 years North Dakota has been an oil producing state. However, in recent years the state has seen a boom in the state’s Bakken …

Another wild claim from Australian Institutions, courtesy of the Galileo Movement, Doomsday 2030, wild climate claim:

The Galileo Movement and wattsupwiththat shared a link.
Guest essay by Eric Worrall Researchers at University of Queensland and Griffith University have published a study, which claims global warming will exceed the…

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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  1. Doctoring images definitely doesn’t help!

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