miracle molecules …

The Warmist ‘movement’, yes, that’s a good description, have shown how limited their knowledge of chemistry is. Calling CO2 a pollutant is what made me reralise that global warming was nothing but an ideological agenda, and certainly nothing to do with science.

Dr Moore does a very good job here of describing what the molecule CO2 really is:

Great video by Dr Patrick Moore.

Tag someone who needs a lesson in an atmospheric trace gas essential to all life on Earth.

The Truth about CO2 | PragerU

Global Warming activists will tell you that CO2 is bad and dangerous. The EPA has even classified it as a pollutant. But is it? Patrick Moore provides some surprising facts about the benefits of CO2 that you won’t hear in the current…

Of course, the Green blob sees it differently, comedy starts here, imaging H2O emissions as CO2 pollution, as they keep doing:

Report shows global warming will happen sooner than we thought. We must act now.

Australian researchers say a global tracker monitoring energy use per person points to 2C warming by 2030
theguardian.com|By Joshua Robertson

The Guardian complies, true to their ideology, writes dangerous nonsense.

Update, more from Moore:

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