clean or dirty energy? …

The energy that the anti-frakkers don’t seem to mind, unleashing 50 trucks a day through small villages burning diesel and spreading spilled straw, a new, clean power plant?

Yes, a straw burning power station!

Quite apart from the issue of the straw, perhaps even more significant is the statement that “We were a tiny village and we now have 50 lorries going in and out every day.”

I seem to recall that fracking applications have been turned down because of much smaller numbers of lorry journeys, which in any event are purely short term.

Just like the Drax Power Station in England, burning America’s forests because of Green energy agendas, instead of coal. Outright stupidity!



The good citizens of Scawby Brook seem none too happy with their new “clean energy” straw burning plant!

From the Scunthorpe Telegraph:


RESIDENTS have expressed their anger at litter from straw lorries heading to the new Brigg Renewable Energy Plant.

The straw-fired power station, on former Brigg sugar factory land at Scawby Brook, is now operating at full capacity, having been completed three months ahead of schedule.

Some residents of Scawby Brook say an unacceptable level of straw is now being left on roads, pavements and gardens in the village by vehicles going to the site. […]

Sticking to gas here! The full story at the top link.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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