marginal green pipe-dreams …

The Green Environmentals just can’t stand the thought of building dams. So they pick a rare dry year to push their ‘No-dam’ agenda. The engineering, however is already complete, and falsifies their facts.

Jenita Ene shared Environs Kimberley‘s photo.

The boom &bust cycles of the north aren’t like they used to be. This year’s dry season in the Kimberley will be critical to watch, as the wet season was simply a non-event.

Our water minister Mia Davies, needs to check the flow of her pipe dreams to fund marginal irrigated agriculture projects and instead focus on setting up communities with sustainable energy projects like solar-farms.

Environs Kimberley's photo.

Environs Kimberley

Even the crocs are drying up in the Kimberley. People who think there’s water for massive irrigation projects need to take a hard look at the climate up here.

The Argyle Dam near Kununurra doesn’t care one little bit about dry years, there’s more than enough water during the wet years to make up for it.

Pipe dreams? Hardly, the engineering has already been done:

Here is the latest proposal by David Archibald put out for comment on Warwick Hughes blog.

Possible Kimberley region nation building dam projects

by Warwick Hughes

The purpose of this post is to draw attention to the Durack Development web page of David Archibald and to promote some discussion.
We know that much of the West Kimberley region in Western Australia gets over a metre of warm season rain per year and total river outflows are listed at a huge 80,000GL PA. So is it feasible to build dams and grow irrigated crops in the Kimberley’s on this scale – in the face of modern day Green anti – damism, backed by serial ranks of publically funded kneejerk PC naysayers and then at the back of all that – native title issues.

For full size map.
What could viable Kimberley irrigation projects mean in terms of northern development and net national income. I wonder what is the best structure to attempt this – would private investors stump up the capital once the multitude of project approvals was obtained.
Link here for docs outlining the West Kimberley Grain Project and other potential WA projects.
The Ord River Irrigation Area in the East Kimberley is an interesting case history and there must be many lessons there.

My comment on their page got deleted, so I guess the truth hurts. Nothing marginal here, except the Green pipe-dreams and solar bubbles.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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