run for your life …

Greenie propaganda stoops to massive exaggeration, as usual. It’s menacing and gunna smash the climate, too, despite the fact it is still being built! Please send money:

 The Wilderness Society‘s photo.

It’s big, it’s hungry, it’s menacing and it’s set to be unleashed on Australia.

Meet the Ocean Great White, BP’s newest climate killing apex predator built specifically for the Great Australian Bight.

DONATE today to keep this climate killer out of action for good >

The oil giant has nearly finished construction on this rig, and it’s sitting on a dock somewhere in South Korea.

But BP have a slight problem – they haven’t been granted approval to drill for oil here.

In fact, just days ago, the Australian Senate voted to establish a public inquiry into BP’s proposal to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. The pressure is really starting to mount.

Best keep that rig under wraps, BP.

The Conservation Council agree:

Josh Coates and Jenita Ene shared

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