self-targeting climatists …

How to cut off the nose to spite the face, 101 …

Over 100 alarmists demand AGU cut ties with ExxonMobil … which funds most of their own institutions.

The climate mafia …

200 Climate Campaign Groups All Funded by a Single Source: The Rockefeller Brothers July 9, 2013 July 9, 2013 by vivian Tags: climate campaign, energy,…

[…] Dr Jensen has launched an online petition which says the world is not warming at an unusual rate, and emissions trading should not go ahead.

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong called on Mr Turnbull to deal with Dr Jensen.

“Mr Turnbull knows it’s the right thing to do to act on climate change,” she told reporters in Canberra.

“It’s up to Mr Turnbull to pull his people into line.”

One of the best examples of hypocrisy, is Ecoloon Leo:

“He is quite exceptionally stupid — more stupid than even his most ardent detractors can hitherto possibly have imagined.”

Finally the mystery of Leonardo DiCaprio’s bizarre infatuation with the wilder reaches of environmental lunacy has been revealed. Here are some of the key…

Hilarious, but it’s even worse better than that:


Sully Augustine
Sully AugustineIt actually gets better even than Breitbart put it. The quagga, as it happens, was not a species but rather a subspecies of Zebra. . .


The Club of Rome and beyond: How the religion of environmentalism was born – The Rebel

Dr. Tim Ball of’s Megaphone blog writes: The entire world needed the new paradigm of environmentalism. The problem is that a few…

 Update2, Following the oil money:

Signers Of An Anti-Exxon Letter Benefited From Big Oil Cash In The Past

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White

‘Pennsylvania State University, Mann’s employer, scored in excess of $300,000 from the oil giant in 2014’

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