“climate hucksters, and other invasive species” …

The well being of coral reefs around the world, is benefited greatly with higher concentrations of CO2.

The CO2 is taken up by the alkaline sea water and the carbon deposited in the backbone of the reefs indirectly via the main food source, algae. Dr Kaiser is scathing of the climate activists who denigrate CO2, including those at the CSIRO:

“The same characters are living high on the hog like some “anti-carbon” activists, climate hucksters, and other invasive species – on your money and resources.” – Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

So Long, Farewell – Adieu!

There is one substance that virtually guarantees coral well-being: sufficient carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.
By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser – 22 Feb 2016

 The award-winning song of the Von Trapp Family in the musical The Sound of Music is getting a new lease on life from an unexpected corner – the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation or CSIRO for short, in Australia. There, at CSIRO, emphasis is shifting from climate modelling to mitigation and adaption.

Further afield, things don’t look much better for the anti-carbon crowd that is recommending “decarbonisation” with battle cries like “Leave it in the Ground” and related ideas. One of the most recent findings is that coral reef bleaching (i.e., coral death) may just be a result of viral infections. Up till now, most studies claimed the bleaching to be the result of “climate change.”

A lot more to read at the top link. (IceAgeNow)??????????

Update. A point is proved, a Green member of the Conservation Council:

The Malcolm Turnbull government just established a new growth centre for oil, coal, gas and uranium- sinking $15.4 million of tax payers money down the drain. If this is the kind of innovation the liberal government thinks is in our future- we need a new one.

Remember this initiative when you’re voting my friends, for our climate and future generations will look back on these decision makers as the last of the fossil fools.

That’s it, that’s all.

A new Growth Centre established by the Australian Government will drive innovation, competitiveness and productivity across the oil, gas, coal and uranium sectors.
pyneonline.com.au|By Christopher Pyne

 Only $15million? The Green blob have spent a thousand times that amount on the big windy failure. Neither wind or solar power are capable of base-load power, the engine driver of any country’s economy.

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