boom bubble trouble … the big con

Renewable energy is about to enter a sharp period of decline. Funding Agencies are now noticing the expanding bubble. Glenn Reynolds : DO TELL: Suddenly, the Solar Boom Is Starting to Look like a Bubble.

[…]But investors are not feeling the love. This week shares of U.S. solar leader SolarCity tumbled to a new low, while several other solar companies also took a pounding. Last month Nevada introduced sharp cutbacks in its program for net metering—the fees paid to homeowners with rooftop solar installations for excess power they send back to the grid. California and Hawaii, two of the biggest solar markets, have introduced changes to their net metering schemes as well. Across the country, as many as 20 other states are considering such changes, which would dramatically alter the economics of rooftop solar […]

Sarah Hoyt , also at Instapundit adds: IT’S TAX CONS ALL THE WAY DOWN: Revealed: the great wind farm tax ‘con’.

They aren’t commercially viable you see:

[…]Under the plan, households would still be forced to pay millions of pounds on their energy bills to fund new wind farms – but the payments would no longer be defined as subsidies […]

Open cut hard rock mining (Kalgoorlie, Western Australia) author Stephen Codrington source Wikimedia

Aussie Coal Exports Surge to New High

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Exports of Australian coal from ports in the state of Queensland have surged to a new record. According to the Gladstone Observer. THE latest coal export data has shown Gladstone Port exported 5.8 million tonnes of coal in January – 400,000 tonnes more than in January 2015 and more than…

Warwick Hughes’ last laugh:

Wind power is useless across Australia today

Scanning news headlines I discovered that the fault in the BASSLINK cable has not been found yet so there will be delays to the repairs timetable requiring the Tasmanian Govt to order 200 diesel generators. Upshot is the cable repair ship has not pinned down the fault location yet. Anyway – that nudged me to check NEMWATCH for the first time this month and the result at 4pm AEST 12 Feb 2016 is below.

Wind across Australia generating only 470MW. How has this taxpayer subsidised economic monstrosity been foisted on Australia and continues to be expanded? Answer is a combination of – Green Lies – GreenLeft media – gullible politicians – voter apathy. There are many days when wind generation is very poor.

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