deeply embedded climate nonsense …

The agenda of global warming has been deeply embedded in the education system, which is proving difficult to get changed. The confirmation of the evidence from those at the CSIRO, rattled about their future, is eliminating climate science from their scientific investigations. I wonder if the bosses are still banning researchers from looking at skeptic sites or still bullying researchers.

If they had watched even one of these 20 videos, they may have noticed that the science had become political, and was following a political course of action by suggesting the science was settled. Twenty senior scientists, in their own words on climate change.

One Botany Professor this week posted this:

Kwongan Foundation What I did not get, though, is why you would refer to those who just signed a climate change agreement in Paris as ‘cultist’. The world at large has accepted that climate change is real, and a threat. There are some dinosaurs who believe that ‘coal is the future’, but those are a rapidly disappearing minority that will go extinct.

The world has accepted? Actually, they haven’t, but the IPCC political clique has, ignoring the science from the last decade because it wasn’t a part of their ‘settled science’. As for coal, Australian exports have just surged to a new high. The only ‘climate change threat’ is the misinformation from so called researchers.

I had pointed out this infra-red image embedded post of a Perth suburb to the Kwongan Foundation site’s Senior botanist, Hans Lambers, a Professor of Botany at Curtin University. If he didn’t like the use of the word ‘climate cultist’, maybe ‘climate ideologue’ would be better suited.

The real story, the IPCC is wrong:


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