urban warming …

‘Man-made’ warming is real, but only as a result of the building of cities, highways, airports, and Industry. Heat island effect in the arctic. Not as a result of rapidly increasing CO2, as quality rural weather stations show. Study: Many US weather stations show cooling, maximum temperatures flat.

Perhaps some more of these images would help the cultists accept more CO2 as the ‘gift of life’, and plants ‘breathe oxygen’ to give life to everything else, from the Kwongan Foundation:

Kwongan Foundation added a new photo to the album Why trees are incredibly important to keep our cities livable.

Day thermal image of surface temperature of a green façade (vegetation). Green façade is cooler than urban materials (brick).
Source: http://newsroom.melbourne.edu/…/hot-city-how-plants-can-hel…

Kwongan Foundation's photo.

 Then, if you want to see where the Green Blob live, look no further than the red!:

The suburb of Mosman Park, Perth: See 2012 thermal night scan of Perth CBD showing up to 4C
concrete and bitumen heat retention compared to residential areas

home 019

Dark purple? Heavily air conditioned. Fortunately for the Greens, there’s no way to scientifically show where they live.

Now, on to planting more trees in the suburbs:

Melaleuca argentea

Melaleuca argentea

Eucalyptus pruinosa

Eucalyptus pruinosa

Eucalyptus ceracea

Eucalyptus ceracea

Corymbia cliftoniana

Corymbia cliftoniana

Anyway, I like the heat too!

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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