the fracking comedy intensifies …

Misinformation is the main danger, and strangling by chains on gates.  The lunacy is spreading:

URGENT PETITION: Will you join us in putting the health of Australian families first before more harm is done by dangerous unconventional gas mining? SIGN HERE: New research from the…

Tom Harley The only danger is the spread of misinformation. More than one million new wells in the US are not wrong!

Just to remind them, this is what ‘Gas Mining’ is:

Fracking in WA for gas

Fracking in WA for gas

kidson 107 kidson 101

Devastating. Along with the dreadful CO2 emissions/sarc:

Gas Power

Gas Power

Update: The anti-frackers choice of power destroys:

Negative Environmental Impacts of Hybrid Vehicles › … › Green Living › Hybrid Vehicles

Includes: hybrid cars, negative environmental impacts, other drawbacks, and making your … that can be released into the environment, causing long-term damage. … In addition to the nickel used in some HEV and PHEV batteries, HEVs and …

Update 2, a huge benefit:

US Natural Gas Exports Could Free Eastern Europe From Russia

Daily Caller News Foundation | Andrew Follett
Canaport liquid natural gas facility is seen in Saint John, New Brunswick

American LNG exports to Europe have the potential to save America’s allies from Russian aggression.

Update 3, The Green Agenda is worse than you could imagine:

Child Cobalt Miners in Kailo, Congo - Author Julien Harneis, source Wikimedia. Green tech

Amnesty Report: Green Battery Technology Built on a Foundation of Child Abuse

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Amnesty International has released a shocking report, about conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the child labourers who mine much of the world’s Cobalt. Cobalt is an essential component of modern high capacity batteries, such as the batteries which power laptops, cell phones and electric cars. The introduction…

lithiumionba Climate News

An Inconvenient truth: Electric-car battery materials could harm key soil bacteria

From the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The growing popularity of battery-powered cars could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they are not entirely Earth friendly. Problems can creep in when these batteries are disposed of. Scientists, in a new study in ACS’ journal Chemistry of Materials, are reporting that compounds increasingly used in lithium-ion batteries are…

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