unmentionable cooling for dinosaur expedition …

The latest expedition of Australian scientists to the Antarctica is about to start. Paleontologist Steve Salisbury from Queensland is about to embark on an expedition to look for signs of dinosaurs that once roamed there. The expedition starts in Chile.

Antarctic fungal diversity blooms as continent warms https://t.co/963oxJ8FWi via @uq_news

Climate change will have a major impact on life in Antarctica this century, according to a landmark study published in Nature Climate Change today.


Steve explains to me why he thinks the extra ice is a consequence of ‘global warming’:

Steve SalisburyThe increase in sea ice around Antarctica is most likely a direct consequence of the warming Tom Harley. Tightening of the Circum Antarctic currents in the Southern Ocean due to warmer termperate waters in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans amplify the colder sea surface temps close Anarctica (similar to a positive phase of the Southern Annual Mode), combined with melting of continental and glacial ice that then feeds into the cooler surface waters… thereby increase the amount of sea ice. We’ve been monitoring this situation closely for the last five years.

I guess we will see how that pans out.

Not long now. We even have a new website and blog! Check it out.

As many of you know, a bunch of collaborators and I will be heading to Antarctica for our next paleontological expedition in early February (we leave for Chile

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Home Though today it’s a frozen, inhospitable continent, Antarctica was a very different place at the end of the Age of Dinosaurs and the beginning of the Age of Mammals (roughly 100 to 40 million years ago). It was relatively warm and lush,…

This is what they are in for, from Polar scientist Ryan Maue: https://wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/maueanalyset2mglobal2105rang6-e1451672715704.jpg

14 Southern SSTa

(14) Southern Ocean Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomalies

Good luck Steve and crew, but I hope you don’t need it.

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