self-projection and muckraking … with a side effect called willful amnesia

There are plenty of sites on Facebook, masters in self-projection. Here’s one: The LNP Are First Class Dickheads!

Never about the issues, but bullying and slandering anyone that disagrees are the clues. Yesterday, I uncovered this one.

Today, SBS and ABC are full of them, outraged about some minor Liberal Party indiscretions, forgetting completely about their own side of muckraking politicians.

I guess I will just keep having to expose the willful amnesia seen by their media operatives with bylines.

Terror, really:

The US terror act everyone is ignoring:

A GROUP of men in the US storm a federal government building armed to the teeth and declare a plan to occupy it for years.

Want to see terror, real terror? then go here if you dare. Or here.

Labor, with willful blindness and self projection:

Labor will insist Mal Brough resign from the frontbench even if a police investigation clears him of any wrongdoing in the Peter Slipper affair.

 Check out the comments for more.

Look, here’s another:

David Goldstein A champion of the vitriolic, nasty, ignorant, narrow-minded, pathetic, racist, sexist, bigots spewing her usual uninformed, vile, ultra-right bile.

He was talking about a rare journalist. ( OPINION: “the resignation of Jamie Briggs for breaching ministerial standards raises serious questions about the standards and the process for investigating non-compliance”, writes Jennifer Oriel.) Not one of the left as you can see. Now, a reminder from the past, a wordless case of self projection from our alternative PM, Bill Shorten.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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