Green hypocrisy …

After keeping silent all through the Labor years of bullying, lying, brothel creeping, stealing and all the rest of the Labor’s ethical lapses, the Greens, self-projectionist  Social Justice Warriors.

First Briggs. Now Dutton. PM Turnbull, it’s time to call out sexism and misogyny. Slaps on the wrists for ‘inappropriate behaviour’ doesn’t cut it. Sexism will only end if it is named and appropriately dealt with at a structural level.
(Image via AAP)

Lee Rhiannon's photo.

 Who could forget this from Bill Shorten, a partner of the Greens when in power? Who can forget the Albanese massage parlour affair? What about Mark Arbib and the Craig Thomson cover-up?

Then here’s the Green leader, silent through the Labor/Green partnership:

How many chances does Minister Dutton need?

After so many blunders the Prime Minister needs to find him a new home – preferably on the backbench.

Kudelka's photo.

Green politicians, Di Natale and Rhiannon suffering from Hypocrisy and self-projection, along with ‘their’ ABC colleagues.

Update, Treacher finds a similar phenomenon inflicts the US too, this time a foolish SJW was the target:

Some Woman In Indianapolis Was A Jerk On New Year’s Eve, And Now We Must Destroy Her

Update 2, Fairfax whackos and Chris Gayle at Tim Blair:

Dropped by Fairfax:

Gayle has been writing paid columns for Fairfax Media over the past month. Given the issues that have arisen over the past 48 hours, that arrangement has been terminated.

Gayle should have used language that was more Fairfax-friendly.

Dr David Archibald write in Quadrant about the PC crowd, and says that there is still hope.

There are moments when it can seem the modern world is a dreadful place and growing worse by the day, what with terrorism and a political class terrified of offending with blunt truths those who richly deserve to be offended. But there is hope, genuine hope. Make no mistake about it. […]

I jolly well hope so!


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10 Responses to Green hypocrisy …

  1. john namnik says:

    Jeez, not Rhiannon again; the Communist apparatchik since birth, the inciter of Jewish hatred and hypocrite extaordinaire: remember this…

  2. Another Ian says:

    Good reading. And I’m spreading the word.


  3. Stephan says:

    The Right-wing will lose.

    • Tom Harley says:

      Turnbull is left wing.

      • john namnik says:

        Bookmakers are astute analysts and always win in the long run. Today’s odds on the Federal election have Labor at $6 and the Coalition at $1.12. [TAB].
        As the weeks go by, Libs & Lab both appear to be converging from different directions toward some Green Nirvana.
        As an occasional punter I would like to see the odds on Shorten being replaced and the odds for an early election – could be lucrative.
        Personally, I hope Abbott does a DLP-style split or a Joe Lyons-style split [who became PM with just a small cadre of Labor renegades].
        Another one or two terrorist attacks here before the next election and everything could change.

    • Another Ian says:

      Can’t fly with only a left wing

      e.g. check out the spin recovery attempt towards the end of Len Deighton’s “Bomber”

      • john namnik says:

        The Greenie devotees have been right into this meme of ‘bird can’t fly without right and left wing” lately on social media. I got another yesterday on my FB newsfeed of Koko the gorilla telling the world how the earth was telling ‘man’ it was calling for help. FB posts can’t be transported but I got another source on Koko from Wm. Briggs’ blog… He has a bit of fun with it.
        For me, I reckon Koko is Al Gore in a monkey suit, or maybe Tim Flannery in need of a shave.
        Have’nt had the pleasure of reading “Bomber” yet.

  4. john namnik says:

    Just received this about Chairman Mal doing deals with the Greens at the expense of Labor and the Nats. Devious little &*%$#…

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