social justice warrior loses it …

A bit late Christine, we know all about David Marr. This is how the left operate, telling the rest of us how to behave, what we can say and do, or not do. Yet another Social Justice Warrior.

Christine Hales's photo.

Christine Hales to The People vs The Liberal Party (LNP)

If i had to guess i’d say a vast majority do indeed agree with the ever intelligent David Marr.
We are the people and politicians are answerable to us. They serve us.
If this is what the majority demand then those who represent us in parliament must ensure our voice is heard. They have a duty to make it happen.

People MUST and I emphasize MUST realize who we are. We are man. We are the creators of Parliaments, Governments, Ministers, Police Force, councils etc etc. The creator is THE BOSS. We are the boss. The created is the servant. The servant does NOT give orders to the boss. The servant cannot have a greater standing than the boss.
There can be no simpler explanation given.

(I stole this last paragraph some time ago and while i did received permission to share i have forgotten her name. Apologies). (That’s a lot of shouting …ed)

Really, pull the other one. Agree with David Marr? Joking surely. Your punctuation and grammar leaves a lot to be desired too, Christine.

Since when did Labor and the Green Left explain their transgressions. They obfuscated their responsibilities during the recent Royal Commission, blaming everyone else but themselves.  David Marr intelligent? Who knew. David Marr and the ABC refused to report on any of the criminal acts uncovered about their Union buddies during the Royal Commission. An ICAC would be different, how?

It’s David Marr that needs to fully explain himself first! More? Check this out.

David Marr completely ignores any science published by sceptical scientists and commentators.

I guess the truth hurts.

Christine’s Facebook page is a dead giveaway, David Suzuki is the header and Russell Brand is the latest post. Hey Christine, name calling is bullying, and self-projection.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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8 Responses to social justice warrior loses it …

  1. john namnik says:

    Oh, THAT Christine!….the punctuationless blogger of the glass-half-empty pessimist club, who promotes the abandonment of the Westminster System and national borders, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the globe is greener now than ever and the poor are richer than ever and she and hubby are doing quite nicely under our corrupt, unexciting, debt-ridden-thank-you-Labor, corporate wealth-driven, carbon-tax-abandoning LNP shysters. Her only child must keep her so busy that she has no time to research or self-educate herself in current affairs, science, politics, climate & renewables etc. No, just another bleeding-heart whose solution echoes Waleed Ali’s “Come-Together” as the universal panacea or finds the answer to every problem in the wisdom-lacking diatribes of David-the watermelon-Marr or that shining example of philosophy, Russell Brand. [Any chance that in her alarm about natural disasters she might read the evidence that the U.S. has had a 10yr. drought – not of rain, but – of hurricanes & tornadoes]? And oh, her FB essay expressing her hopelessness in the future, accompanied by a plea to Chairman Mal to provide something to look forward to [while wanting to do away with pollies], is a morbid and bleak denial that we all may be capable of finding contentment within. Sheeesh, spare me!

    • Tom Harley says:

      You seem to know her, this is my first encounter. Utter trash on her FB page.

      • john namnik says:

        BTW Tom, I am the brother of Joan Boys [ex Broome Ice]. I only get to see her & Wayne very occasionally but saw them last week and put him on to your blog. [His pre-conception of your stance on issues was askew].

      • Tom Harley says:

        I was a dumb fisherman and fishmonger then, until I got a computer, no holding back.

      • Tom Harley says:

        I also did everything I could to stop the LNG going to Price’s Point. Barnett’s most stupid decision yet. Plenty of better places, but he was so pig-headed. I am now growing plants for the second year in a row for Woodside to rehabilitate their damage. Win, Win.

  2. johnmack says:

    David Marr is a gag worthy self centered fool. Don’t give him any coverage as everything he pontificates on is nonsense.

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